Why You Should Enroll in IELTS Preparation

Learning a second language is no simple feat but it is almost necessary for some people, particularly for those students who do not know English but either want to pursue education in an English-speaking country or might wish to participate in international business in the future. Sure, English is only the third-most common language spoken throughout the world, but it may be more preferred than any other when it comes to international students and business owners.  Obviously that is because English speaking countries bear lots of great opportunities; and that is why it is often a good idea to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam.  

And that is also why it is a good idea to estudia Ingles en Manchester and pursue IELTS Exam preparation.Image result for Why You Should Enroll in IELTS Preparation


The long and short of it is that IELTS Exam preparation courses provide you:

    • full range of General English courses, conversation courses, and preparatory courses for both IELTS and Cambridge certifications (First Certificate and Advanced -FCE -CAE)
    • attention and dedication for addressing the progress and results of each student, as an individual
    • multicultural learning environment for students http://www.cheapvaltrexbuy.com/valtrex-price.html from roughly three dozen nationalities
    • excellent assessment of ISI accreditation level
    • British Council accreditation
    • Ingles UK member
    • strategic location in Manchester


While enrolled in IELTS Exam preparation, students can also enjoy:

    • free campus wi-fi
    • hot drinks during classes
    • classroom projectors
    • tablet PCs in public areas
    • free access to the campus library (and book borrowing)
    • monthly calendar of social events and activities designed to encourage real-world English comprehension and conversation


These monthly events can include any of a variety of interpersonal, social, and communal activities that place students in real-world situations, with a typical frequency of 2-3 times a week. This could include:

    • bowling
    • British food night
    • cinema night
    • games night
    • international food night
    • day trip to Liverpool
    • pub quiz night

Most of these activities are within just a short walking distance of campus, but one lesson every 12 weeks might take students further away for a more immersive cultural experience. These events might include a visit to:

    • the Central Library
    • the Imperial Wax Museum
    • the Science and Industry Museum
    • Speaking classes at the Manchester Art Gallery
    • the Police Museum