Why does employee satisfaction increase your company’s margin?

Employees rank job satisfaction among the top reasons for staying with a company.Today, working in good conditions has become a major issue for both employees and the companies that employ them. They are continually looking for ways to improve their performance while ensuring the well-being of their employees.  From metic press you can find the best deal.

How much can happy employees increase your company’s profit margin? In this article we offer elements to understand the link between job satisfaction and productivity.

A happy employee is more productive

According to a study in the Journal of Labor Economics, the productivity of a happy employee increases by 12% compared to a control employee.

Having good working conditions increases employee performance

The issue of well-being at work is at the heart of current HR policies. Employee happiness has become a crucial issue in the development of an activity. It has been proven that an employee who is happy with his condition will be much more productive and ultimately much more profitable for your business.

First of all, it should be noted that an employee who thrives and evolves in a good environment will be less inclined to be absent for any reason whatsoever. He will therefore be much more involved and the quantity, as well as the quality, of his work will be affected. Likewise, the more favorable an employee will be placed, the easier it will be for him to produce quickly without qualitative compensation.

Some companies, such as Google, a pioneer in the field, have placed the quality of work of employees at the heart of the mechanism for the functioning of their structures. They offer their employees various services in order to reduce their stress and increase their intellectual availability to innovate and be more creative. Among these services, free self-service food, gym classes, free transport, games room, relaxation room available, etc. Employees are more fulfilled and devote more time to their work with pleasure. Making employees happy is therefore a real business issue!

Reduce your turnover and develop your business with peace of mind

Disgruntled employees leave the company faster

The more fulfilled employees are at work, the greater their loyalty to the company. What about unhappy employees? These funds, not satisfied with their working conditions, will more easily resign and destabilize your teams. In many cases, these employees will have a pernicious impact on your development. They will be vectors of demotivation for other collaborators and to a certain extent, will prevent them from developing fully by pointing out daily the “bad working conditions” proposed by the company.

It is therefore important to carefully survey and monitor the satisfaction experienced by your employees in their positions. The idea is to anticipate any negative behavior and to stem it very quickly in order to avoid the spread of a state of mind that is harmful to the development of your business.


Offering good working conditions will directly influence the behavior of your employees. Satisfied with their lot, they will be more inclined to devote themselves to the business without feeling resentment or bitterness. By placing the quality of employee work at the heart of your HR system, you will limit absenteeism, increase the feeling of loyalty by developing the “corporate” spirit and therefore reduce your turnover.