What You Need to Know about Real Estate Education & Exam

In Georgia, you need to obtain a license before working as a real estate agent. And let me make it clear that you can receive a real estate license in much less time and at a fraction of the total expenses than what it takes to earn a traditional degree. But how long do you have to wait to get a real estate license? Well, we will disclose and discuss about it in our blog.

The factors determining the time to obtain a real estate license:

  • Total course hours you need to complete as made mandatory by your state
  • If you decide to take courses in a classroom or online
  • Total time for state application process

Requirements for Real Estate Education

Educational requirements are not same across all states in the USA. In some states, the coursework required to appear for the real estate examination is extensive. Some enthusiasts require a college degree though it is not the norm. In most states, you need to complete the paperwork for a number of hours at an accredited real estate school. Depending on the state you live in, it is possible to complete the real estate pre-licensing course work even in weeks.

Real Estate License School

Your choice of school to obtain a real estate license is a factor in determining how long you have to wait for receiving your real estate license. You have more than one option to choose how to complete your real estate license course. One of the options is to join a traditional real estate school that requires you to attend a classroom. It will take you 4-6 weeks to complete educational requirements for real estate license in a classroom setting. However, the time length depends on which state you live in.

The second option as a part of Georgia real estate exam prep to get a real estate license is to join an online school. In such cases, the time to complete the course gets reduced to only a few weeks. Contrary to traditional classroom setting, online schools allow the participants to study at their own time, place and pace.

Application & Exam Process for Real Estate License

Application and examination process to get a real estate license vary from days to several weeks. In many states, the process of license application submission and appearing for real estate exam has been automated to bring speed and smoothness in processing. Some states even provide you with test results and even a license at the test site. However, it is only a temporary license.

Some states are yet to upgrade their licensing system to an automated process. These states will still require to mail applications, await release of exam results and wait for the  real estate license to be despatched directly to the broker of record.

Every state requires you to work closely with a real estate broker at the onset of your career. You are required, in some states, to find a broker who is able to sponsor you before you appear for the licensing test.