What Is Agile Project Management? Why It Can Make a Difference

Are you looking for a way to manage projects that will help you drive your team to success? If so, agile project management is where you need to start. Reports show that 53% of the biggest project management companies use at least one part of the agile project management method.

The question is, what is the agile project management method? Keep reading to learn what agile project management is and why it will make a difference.

What Is Agile Project Management?

An agile management system is an iterative approach to managing projects. Instead of creating a giant project with a complex system, agile forces you to break down your project into more manageable pieces. These pieces are small enough for your team to focus on short sprints that build a project a little bit at a time.

Going this route means you can create part of your project, show it to stakeholders, and get feedback on what you have accomplished so far. This allows you to get feedback quickly and make changes as needed as you progress through the project lifecycle.

Benefits of Agile Project Management

Agile management can be tough to learn for some product managers, so the question is, what makes it better than other project management frameworks? Below are the benefits you’ll see by taking an agile approach.

Better Product Quality

You don’t guess how well your product fits a market when you work with an agile product management method. Your goal is to release your first version as quickly as possible to start getting feedback from customers. This process helps you refine your product early as customers start telling you what they need.

Doing this gives you better product quality than releasing a large app later down the line that hasn’t received any feedback from customers or stakeholders. You’ll have already gone through several iterations of your product, so you know for sure that you’re delivering value to your customers.

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More Predictable Products

One of the best benefits of agile product management is creating timelines and predictions about your product’s future. You have complete control of your product development process and can release it whenever you want. This means you’ll have a much better idea of when you plan to release than with a traditional methodology.

Breaking down your product into smaller pieces means you can more easily predict how long each task will take. It will help you give timelines to your stakeholders and meet those deadlines.

Agile will also give you a better idea of what your business needs are. When you work with agile product management, you’ll be able to address business issues with every iteration of your product, and as a result, you’ll know how well your product will perform when released.

Greater Flexibility

You can’t expect to meet all your deadlines when you have to start over from scratch with every project milestone. The beauty of an agile methodology is the ability to make changes as you go. If one task takes longer than you expected, you can adjust and move on without waiting for another release.

Agile also allows you to customize your product before finalizing it on an ongoing basis. Your stakeholder’s needs will likely change as you progress on your project. Being agile means that you can adapt to those changes without creating chaos in your organization.

Happier Customers

One of the best benefits of agile is the ability to involve your customers in the process. Your customers will get to see your product come to life as you build it step by step. They’ll see firsthand the value they get by working with your business.

This also gives them a chance to provide feedback on changes you’re making and even suggest new features for development. All of this helps them feel valued and connect more with your company. They’ll be more loyal to your brand and have a better result once you complete your project.

Faster Time to Market

Faster time to market is another benefit of agile product management. Since your team is only working on a small portion of a project at any given time, your team can move quicker. Your team will be able to get the job done faster because they’re not doing everything at once.

Agile product management also helps you get your initial product to the market faster. You don’t focus on creating the perfect product.

Your team will create a product that meets the primary needs of your customers. You can add all the bells and whistles once you confirm you have something people want to buy.

Lower Risks

One of the most significant risks product managers take is spending months or years developing a product that nobody wants. With an agile management approach, you’ll get feedback on your product much sooner in the process. Ideally, you’ll be able to identify how well you’re doing before spending too much time developing a product that doesn’t have potential.

All of this leads to less risk. Your stakeholders will be more comfortable giving your project a budget when they know you can pull out early when you learn something doesn’t work. It lets you try more experiments to test ideas and ultimately deliver excellent results.

Get Started With Agile Program Management Today

You need every advantage you can get when it comes to project management. Many projects fail, so you need a system to make it easier to find success. Invest in learning agile project management to streamline your project management system and start getting things done.

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