What Are the Best Psychology Careers You Can Get?

Are you currently attending a college or university? If so, then one of the key choices you’ll have to make is what career you want to go into. Maybe you have already specialized in terms and set yourself in a sector like psychology. 

But what psychology careers can and should you go into? Is it always about money or are there other factors you need to think about as well?

Here’s everything you need to know about psychology careers.

What Is the Salary?  

Due to the ailing economy, some students are ditching the humanities. They are turning to better-paying careers in psychology. There is an enormous diversity of the psychology profession. This has led to salaries and annual incomes varying considerably. The best-paid psychologists earn an average of $167,000 a year.

Remember there are several careers with above-average annual salaries. However,  remember that take-home pay depends on many factors, including geographical location, employment sector, level of education, and experience.

You can find out about the best-paid psychology careers, typical salaries for such professions, and the training requirements for entering such professions by taking an ms in psychology. Studying for this degree will give you the most up-to-date information. 

The training requirements for considering a medical career in psychiatry are linked to a study on the application of psychology. First, postgraduate studies must last at least eight years.


Psychiatry is one of the highest-paid fields of psychology. Salaries in psychiatry vary depending on your area of expertise, the area in which you are employed.

An MSc in psychology is the lowest requirement in most cases. 2 However, a doctorate can be an advantage. Opportunities also exist at the master’s level, and those who do a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology offer greater opportunities and higher salaries.

Industrial and organizational psychologists use their psychological knowledge to address workplace problems. Increasing the number of workers, selecting great employees, and crafting research are just some of the things they do.

Science and Research at Universities 

According to the Bureau of Labor psychologists working in the science and research industry earn around $150,000. Those working at universities, colleges, and schools earn around $70,000.

The typical entry-level salary for a master’s degree is $40,000. 

Neuropsychologists work on the brain and cognitive issues. People working in this area conduct cognitive tests, conduct brain scans, evaluate people suffering from brain injuries, and investigate how drugs affect the nervous system.

A doctorate in neuropsychology or clinical neuropsychology is sufficient to work in this area. The people who work in these areas work in colleges, universities, hospitals, and research centers.

Clinical Psychologists 

So how to become a psychologist? Clinical psychologists are required to have a Ph.D. in psychology in most states. Clinical psychologists are trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses.

In addition to the doctorate, clinical psychologists must complete an extra one or two years. This is supervised. After this, the candidate must take an exam to practice.

This experience can have a significant impact on salary. Psychology has a wide range of occupations, both professional and professional.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook reported that workers in family services earned an average of $81,160 a year in May 2017.

Those who worked in offices as other doctors earned an average of $92,130 a year. Entry-level positions often require a master’s degree or doctorate to find better employment opportunities and better salaries.

Engineers’ And Educational Psychologists

Engineers’ psychologists work on increasing productivity and efficiency.  They work in the private sector and earn more than those employed at university.

As in other areas of psychology, employment plays a major role in determining salary. Mental health is the biggest part of psychological counseling, and people in this area often opt for research. 

School psychologists work within the education system to diagnose and treat behavioral and learning problems in children.

They work with other professionals such as teachers, doctors, and parents to help children overcome social, emotional, behavioral, and academic problems.

Most states require the completion of a 60-point school psychology program that leads to a Master of Ed.

About 32 percent of school psychologists have a Ph.D., psychology, or EdD degree. Forensic psychologists deal with psychological issues related to the law. This job is possible without a master’s degree, but you will need a doctorate in clinical counseling or forensic psychology.

According to the US Department of Labor’s published Occupational Outlook Handbook, jobs in this sector are expected to grow by 11% in the next decade.


Most occupations require a master’s or doctorate in sports psychology and related fields such as clinical psychology and counseling psychology.

Professionals use their psychological knowledge to assist sports players to perform better. They can do this through coaching or by presentations to the players off the pitch. 

They also help people in their recovery from on-the-pitch injuries. Professional sports psychology focuses on topics such as motivation and athletic performance.

What’s the psychology salary? Salaries for sports psychologists range from $45,000 to $80,000, but those who work with professional athletes can earn six-figure sums.

Choosing Psychology Careers 

Choosing a career is one of the most important options you need to consider, and pursuing psychology careers may be for you. 

Consider whether you are actually happy, because you don’t want to spend your life in a job or a sector where you feel short-changed. Decide what you want to do and then attempt to pursue this as best you can. 

In the end, the best job for you will be the one that you enjoy the most and that meets your desires. Be sure to check out our blog for more job ideas.