Website Design Trends

·      Custom Graphics and Animation

Because our brains are geared for visual material, video marketing works so effectively.

That’s why bespoke visuals and animation are still a popular website design trend. These aspects can assist in bringing your website to life and enhancing your entire brand experience.

·      Gradients in Website Design

Gradients have certainly been used a lot in website design throughout the years, but this is one trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Gradients are the progressive changes in hue from one to the next. You may utilise them to elicit sensations of relaxation and comfort, as well as familiarity and ease. As a person scrolls down the page, they also tend to make your website design flow together.

·      Gender-Neutral Webpage Design

Language and design change in tandem with culture. We’re seeing more inclusive website design elements as more people identify as transgender, non-binary, non-conforming, or gender fluid. This includes utilising gender-neutral pronouns in website material and moving away from traditionally “masculine” or “feminine” colour schemes or avatars.

The LR&C House is a nice example. The apparel retailer’s website supports this objective by offering a wide range of inclusive designs and sizes. It employs a neutral colour palette, diverse imagery, and inclusive wording.

  • Large Typography

The use of large, bold lettering creates a powerful message. The Big Bolt website is a great example of this. This website design trend appeals to manufacturers in particular, although it may be used in practically any business.

·      Visible Borders

Borders that are visible serve to segregate information and make it easier to locate. They may be used to organise your navigation, draw attention to certain items or apps, and more. CSS allows you to construct several different sorts of borders, including:

  • Borders that are solid
  • Dotted or dashed borders
  • Grooved, ridged, inset, or outset borders

A nice example of a webpage with visible boundaries can be seen here.

·      Micro Interactions

Miniature collaborations make a really captivating client experience on your site. A couple of models are “like” buttons via virtual entertainment stages, swipe usefulness or enlivened designs that let you know where you are simultaneously, for example, the hare in the Hopper application who shows up while you’re holding back to get the best arrangements on flights.

These components guide the client through your site, offer them chances to cooperate and furnish them with significant data in a moment.

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