Ways of doing your college assignment on time

 College life is all fun and excitement when there are no assignments to do. Agee?  Everyone hates doing assignments, but you can’t get rid of them as your grades would be at stake.  A college student is always in a state of juggling with his/her studies and personal life. If you have learned the art of balancing between your personal life and studies then half of the work is already done. If you are struggling with burden of assignments and deadlines are on your head, then don’t worry! Just take a deep breath and go through with this article. You will surely come up with the solution to get your assignments done on the time.

  1. Stop Procrastinating!

Procrastination is in every student’s blood. Students must have struggled with procrastination at least once in their entire life. This is just a matter of time, when you’re done procrastinating and blink for a second and see that the things are already got out of the hands. Then an F would be written on your destined. Don’t want an F? Then just stop procrastinating! Get your lazy ass up and starts working already before it’s too late.

  1. Schedule your time

Make a ‘to do’ list and stick it on your wall or on somewhere your eyes get its attention. In this way you will get a constant reminder. This is actually an effective way to keep things remembered timely. Make yourself a time schedule and try to do things according to it. You can also set a reminder on your phone, maybe a piece of paper won’t get your attention but your mobile phone can.

  1. Managing time is all it takes!

Manage your time while doing your assignments. Set a timer and keep track of your work. First of all, decide what assignment you are going to do first and set the estimate timer, let’s take 30 minutes, try to wind up your work within those 30 minutes. In this way you will get a whole productive half hour in the end which makes it easier to get your work done on the time.

  1. Eliminate all the distractions while working

Mobile phones are the biggest distraction while working. The study proves that having your phone nearby- even if it’s not ringing or buzzing- distracts you a lot while working which effects your productivity. Make sure to keep your mobile phone off before you dive into working.

  1. Ghostwriters come to rescue you!

If none of the above mention solutions work out for you and deadline is already approaching. You are already in verge of flunking the course then don’t freak out! They only way out is to book a ghost writer. Contact any nearest freelance ghost writer and get your work done on time. It will cost you some money but its okay a bit of money would save you to get an F in the course. *wink*

Leaving everything on last minute can burn you out with the massive load of work. As it is said “haste makes waste”, if you rush yourself in order to meet the deadline then you will end up doing things all wrong. Schedule your routine and do thins accordingly and don’t forget to stop procrastinating.