US School Applications DIY

What kind of students is suitable for studying in USA ?????? DIY?


  1. GPA is high, and all kinds of overseas test scores are completed, and students who are determined to be dreams of the school are sure to win.
  2. Students with sufficient time and energy to study abroad, the goal is very clear, the school has its own full understanding and choice, the process of visa application is very understandable, the relevant policies of the target country, enrollment indicators, previous years Students who have a very good understanding of admissions, etc., often need a lot of time.
  3. High level of English, especially paperwork. If you have strong English writing ability, you can fully communicate with the school and understand the admission preferences of each university. It will not easily lead to misunderstanding students in the process of communication with the school. The DIY application can master the application process, make a choice that suits you better (you know yourself better), and the application process itself is an opportunity to exercise.

What are the abilities needed for US school application DIY, and what are the advantages?


1)  Many foreign schools have detailed requirements for their courses and required application materials on the school’s official website, and even the requirements for application materials (such as the writing requirements of PS, writing requirements for letters of recommendation, etc.) are very clear. You are the person who is most aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the application. Students can directly access university information, not only improve their research skill in foreign language, but also learn more about school and local environmental information and communicate directly with the school to reduce communication misunderstandings and possible information hiding.

2) The application is a work that is extremely cumbersome, has a high repetition rate, and has a high degree of unknown factors but can only stand alone. In the process of applying for the application, various problems will be encountered, such as unsuccessful delivery, lost materials etc.  You will know more about the admission preferences of each target school. It will be of great help to the future employment of complex work.

3) Save study agent (????) fee. Intermediaries often charge a certain amount of application fees, and students can save fees for baggage preparation, domestic and international travel, and other leisure expense.