The United States must-eat food manuals – Columbia University

Only then did ????say that it was so delicious, but near Columbia University it was also a place where food was gathered. To tell the truth, students who study at the hegemony are also people ??????. They are not delicious and have not enough energy. How to be a good student!!


This is a daily food store with a good reputation near Columbia University. Among them, squid rice is widely recognized as a dish. If Columbia’s children’s shoes feel that they are going to the city and go to Japan’s street too far, then this shop can at least slightly relieve the embarrassment. In fact, many people will have a feeling when they eat squid rice. After eating squid, there will be a pile of rice. The squid in this shop is full of rich taste and it is very delicious. In addition to eel rice, Nagoya chicken wings, seafood pot, and udon noodles are very reminiscent of people. The interior design of the restaurant and the design of the menu are all very carefully.

Diners near Columbia

In fact, this second, strictly speaking, it is not a restaurant but a lot of mobile dining cars. More famous restaurants selling pork burgers, braised pork rice and noodles. There are also small vendors selling pizza and selling fried rice. Mainly to Simon’s University, I feel that time is catching up. There is no time for the little masters to have a good taste! In fact, delicious food does not have to be limited to the restaurant. The city of New York is full of things like dining cars. Sometimes the hot dining car is much better than restaurant business and word of mouth. Eat goods can be hard to find!

Koko Wings

When it comes to Korean meals, I must mention Korean Street in Midtown Manhattan. However, Columbia still has a certain distance from here. Therefore, Koko Wings is the first choice if you want to eat authentic Korean food beside the school. The fried chicken sold here is crisp and tender, and the sauce is rich in flavor. It is a typical Korean fried chicken. The broad French fries with signatures are delicious. In addition, classic Korean meals, such as bibimbap and seafood pie, are very good. Moreover, the lunch special here makes the price from Monday to Friday noon very worthwhile. It is still quite attractive for university students.


Having said so much, our great Chinese food is always the first in my heart. The name of this restaurant is known as a typical Sichuan restaurant and its taste is more authentic. Spicy Sichuan cuisine has always attracted students from all over the country. The trotters outside Sichuan and Sichuan cuisine are famous. In addition, Mao Xuewang and boiled beef are popular dishes of this family. The restaurant has a spacious interior and is suitable for Chinese students studying on weekends and even meeting with friends. What is even more commendable is that this restaurant is recognized by the peculiar Americans as the number one Sichuan dish.