Transform into a professional bartender with École du Bar formation

Bar tender international course is developed by best bartenders. These have over 60 world bar titles and even if you are new to stand at the bar, or have to serve few cocktails, you need not worry as the École du Bar formation can transform you in three weeks into a professional bartender. If you wish to explore even in your chosen city, you can consider the same course to complete in a time of four weeks.

Course inclusion

  • Instructor led education for 100 hours
  • 4 modules as key, Free pour, theory, flair and bar practice
  • job assistance for 100{4356882fb75d3b665fea0d19d2f1fc4ed92fec336391b9b64fd9070ca7ad56e8} as guarantee
  • 25 + schools to choose

The international bartender course will break the role of bartender in 3 to 4 weeks time and it includes bartender responsibilities, cleanliness and hygiene, teamwork and personal representation, closing and opening procedures, sense of service and absolute focus.


The bar school training offers practical workshop experience and also classes. They offer you a guideline about your responsibilities as a bartender and that includes:

  • Preparing non-alcohol or alcohol beverage for restaurant and bar patrons
  • Mix ingredient so that you prepare cocktails
  • Assess the needs of customers and their choices, besides make recommendations.
  • Present and plan bar menu
  • Interact with customers; serve drinks and snacks by taking orders.
  • Restock and replenish the bar supplies and inventory
  • stay guest focused and ensure to offer excellent guest experience
  • check identification of customers and confirm they meet the legal age for drinking
  • Comply with food and beverage regulations.

Right from the time of booze invention, there is a way of learning it and it is given importance so that the masses are convinced and this is handled by bartenders. Thus people desiring to do bartending may be doing this job for various reasons such as some may need money, while other lack oversight and relative freedom from their work and some may be merely looking to be at some party center. Regardless of that they are towards bartending; there is an initial obstacle to overcome before obtaining this role.

A misconception in common is that Bartending School offers an edge into the industry. In fact, people believe that having a diploma in bartending is legal necessity. Though it is not mandatory, having a qualification or certificate means you know the demands of an establishment having Bar and you are the bartender.