Top Tips for Snagging Entry Level Federal Government Jobs in 2021

Most people love applying to federal government jobs because they offer stability, benefits, and career growth. It’s no wonder why over two million people work in the federal government.

If you plan to take your career seriously, getting a federal government job is a suitable choice for you. You’re probably saying to yourself, “But what if I don’t have the experience?”

Don’t worry about that. Today you’ll learn some tips about how to land entry-level federal government jobs.

Figure Out What You Want To Do

Before you begin your job search, figure out what you want to do. Think about previous job experience or your educational background. See how it translates to federal jobs.

There are three types of federal jobs:

  • Competitive Service
  • Expected Service
  • Senior Executive Service

Each has specific qualifications that you need to have to apply. If you don’t have a degree or a certain level of experience, don’t worry.

There are plenty of government training programs, such as the Trade Adjustment Assitance for Workers. Programs like this one are designed to support you and give you the necessary skills to get a job.

Create An Account On USAJobs

After you figure out what you want to do, create an account on USAJobs. This is an official source that lists hundreds of government jobs every day.

If you don’t have a resume, there’s a resume builder available on the site. You’ll also be able to make multiple resumes, which means that you can tailor each one to a specific job that you like.

USAJobs allows you to filter your search results so you aren’t overwhelmed by the number of listings shown. That way, you can enter in a specific keyword and look at what’s listed for that job.

After you find a job that you want to apply to, it tells you the specific qualifications you need. So make sure that you apply to jobs that are in your qualification range.

Subscribe To Daily Emails

If you’ve found a particular job that you like, subscribe to USAJobs. An update will be sent to you when a job that you want becomes available.

There’s competition for entry-level federal government jobs, so apply immediately. Also, don’t miss the deadline for applying because you won’t be able to apply afterward.

Networking Helps Too

Getting a federal job doesn’t only happen online. You can talk to others that have a career in the federal government and ask for help.

Using networking enables you to learn more about the federal government hiring process. You’ll also learn about a person’s background and what pushed them to get a federal job. This article can teach you about how networking can help you land a career in the federal government.

Work Towards Your Career Goals With Entry Level Federal Government Jobs

With these tips, you’ve learned how to get hired for entry-level federal government jobs. Take that step towards the stability you’ve always wanted. It’s a simple process, but it will take time.

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