Top 5 Jobs That Work With Animals


85 million families in the United States have a pet. Dogs and cats are the most popular, with birds, fish, reptiles, horses, and other critters making up the rest.

Whether they have fur, hair, scales, or whathaveyou, animals need care. Have you considered jobs that work with animals?

Make a career out of your passion. Here five excellent jobs working with animals you can pursue.

  1. Animal Trainer

Whenever animals and humans are living in proximity, there are bound to be some misunderstandings. An animal trainer specializes in techniques that, essentially, improve our relationship with animals.

Most people will hire the services of a trainer to help improve the behavior of their pets at home. This could be to curb unwanted habits or teach commands.

Let’s not forget that many animals have jobs that require training. They can work as first responders, actors, therapists, compete in shows and take us places. But first, they need someone to teach them how.

  1. Groomer

Do you love animals and style? A career in animal grooming might be perfect for you. You can learn how to work with animals through a specialized course.

Groomers usually work with dogs but other animals have needs, too. Some breeds require regular trims just to stay neat and tidy. But regardless, they all deserve an occasional day and the spa and salon.

On the other hand, some people take animal fashion very seriously. High-end stylists and groomers are perfect jobs for animal lovers.

  1. Wildlife Biologist

Some people prefer the scientific approach. Wildlife biology is a fascinating topic of study and one of the most rewarding careers working with animals.

Put simply, the study animals, their behaviors, and their relationship to their habitat.

Most professional wildlife biologists will have a bachelor’s degree in biology, zoology, or a related field. However, one can obtain specialized degrees such as a master’s or a doctorate. There an amazing amount of ways to perform research and investigation.

  1. Veterinary Technician

Similar to a veterinary assistant, a vet tech is essential to caring for and handling animals. They work with vets in clinics, animal hospitals, research facilities, and probably anywhere else you can find animals.

Generally, they will obtain a two-to-four year degree in some form of veterinary technology. Depending on where you live, you will need to obtain various forms of credentialization or certification.

This is great for people who are into healthcare, animals and working hands-on. Animal-based careers as a vet tech offer the opportunity to keep learning and specializing.

  1. Conservationist

In the broadest sense of the term, a conservationist is someone who advocates for protecting wildlife and their environments. It can sometimes be considered a type of activism.

A conversationist is also a term for a scientist in the field of conservation biology.

They often work with wild animals, similar to a wildlife biologist. However, their focus is on identifying at-risk animal populations, figuring out why they are in danger, and finding solutions.

Finding Jobs That Work With Animals 

Someone once said that “we don’t deserve dogs”. The same could be true for all animals.

Despite this, they need good-hearted people that care about them. Regardless of what your interests or background is, there are plenty of jobs that work with animals.

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