Top 3 Reasons Why Thai Students Are Choosing To Stay Abroad

Global competition in higher education is on all-time rise. Countries like the UK, Switzerland etc have designed student-friendly policies and are granting financial support to bright students, especially those residing in South-East Asia. On the other hand, there is distinct change in the outlook of Thai students and they are becoming more and more individualistic. Growing ambition is one of the reasons why Thai students are choosing to study hospitality abroad and applying at

Apart from the ambitions, listed here are few other important reasons that have resulted in sudden rise in the number of Thai students enrolling in foreign university educational programs:

  • Attraction towards new culture and values

Thai students are gradually adopting outlooks and value systems different from what is embedded deeply in their culture. Their change of outlook has made them ambitious of becoming suitable for the foreign work culture. They consider studying in foreign institutions as a ticket to attaining easy acceptance on global platform.

  • Better growth opportunities

Studying in foreign universities is seen as a way to broaden the horizons by Thai students. The Swiss and British universities market their education programs in such a way that students feel their future to be more secured when a degree from foreign institution flashes on their CV.

  • Financial benefits

Educational programs in Switzerland bring along with them the benefit of scholarships and sizeable financial assistance. The availability of residential programs attracts Thai students and they find it a lucrative option to study abroad. The sense of self-sufficiency with the ability to hone their talent with the help of best guidance in the world is something not so easy to forego.

So, these are the reasons why Asian students are moving to foreign institutions. The zeal to stand in the league of the desirable candidates at global level is the new fever gripping the Asia students and the ones that are topping the list are those from Thailand.