Tips to Make your Internship Smooth and Perfect

Internships are valuable opportunities to learn and acquire experiences and skills that can be used in the labor market. However, if tackled in the right way, they also represent good opportunities to obtain – immediately or at a later time – a lasting job within the company where the internship took place. Here are a few tips to obtain an internship in Thailand and turn the internship into a successful experience.

Always arrive a little early

Either in the morning, when you go to work, or if you have to attend a meeting, try to always arrive a few minutes before the time set. Above all, avoid arriving late. This, in fact, gives a bad impression, as it can give the idea that you do not take your commitment seriously enough. Choose a look appropriate to the work environment. Having a suitable clothing for the work environment helps to give a good impression and to appear in line with the corporate culture. Pay attention to how your colleagues dress and take inspiration from them.

Make the first move

Don’t always wait for your managers to assign you tasks to do. If you don’t have much to do, show yourself proactive by asking how you can help them, or take advantage of the time available to see if you can make a contribution to the company, for example by proposing some new initiative or project. Be polite and orderly. No one likes to have rude, unkempt colleagues, or who pay little attention to the common areas.

So remember to always be kind and leave your seat in order before leaving in the evening. If you have lunch in the office, take care to leave the place where you ate clean by removing crumbs and washing dirty dishes.

Socialize to start creating a network

Take advantage of lunch breaks and breaks to learn more about your colleagues and socialize with them. This is a great way to make friends and forge contacts that may be useful to you in the workplace in the future. Leaving good memories in people will make them think more easily about new projects and job opportunities.

Conclusion: Do a good job

It will seem obvious, but in reality it is not always. Engage in what you do and complete your duties while respecting the deadlines set. If you prove to be efficient and professional, taking the responsibilities assigned to you by your tutor seriously, you will be more likely to be hired at the end of the internship. One month after starting your experience, ask your tutor if he has any comments to make and if you can improve on something.