The various memory techniques in order to score better

Students often emphasize phrases in the text, although studies show that this method does not lead to memorization. Most of them begin to emphasize the fragments even during the first reading of the text, when they do not even know which pieces are present. In order to pass the gcse exam one must always choose the thorough gcse revision. By the way, re-reading is also not very effective. When a student rereads the text, it seems to him that he is learning better and better. He may even get the feeling that the material has been explained to him many times. But if you are able to listen to someone else’s explanation, this does not mean that you can repeat it yourself. For effective mastering of the material, you need not just read it many times, but check yourself. Testing can be done with the help of cards, answering test questions at the end of the textbook, or asking a friend to examine you.

Meditate and take exams

Self-testing has two important advantages. First, unlike simple re-reading, it allows you to clearly determine what material is really learned and whether further classes are needed. Secondly, as many studies have shown, self-examination in itself contributes to memorization. In this sense, it is more effective than rereading. Another useful technique is to periodically pause while reading and ponder why. In fact, the following statement in the text is true. We often run through the words with our eyes, without hesitation over what we read. Stopping every couple of paragraphs and thinking, and what’s the point we force ourselves to really think and really learn.

The essential recommendation to keep in mind

Finally, another recommendation is to distribute learning material in time, not to try to learn everything the night before the exam. There is a lot of evidence that when we learn material with breaks of several days or even weeks, it is more reliably remembered. Teachers should be encouraged to just such a mode of study, often giving assignments and test questions on topics already covered. ” Very soon there will be a hot time for schoolchildren and students – exams. Someone has to cope with the formidable USE, someone – to survive the summer session. So that preparation does not become stress and does not turn you from a princess into a zombie, follow our advice. With proper preparation, any exam will be in your teeth. Break a leg!

Force distribution  

Getting ready for the last night is not a good idea. Thus obtained “knowledge” is enough for one day. A sleepy brain at the most crucial moment can let you down. Therefore, it is important to leave for training at least a few days and properly distribute their forces. If there is a week before the exam, divide all the material into five equal parts and work one part per day.