The Revolution of Educational Games for Children’s Development

Our parents and grandparents have always told us that games were more fun in the old days and have helped them become the adults they are now. For the new generation, which is growing with all the technological advances of recent years, the situation seems different.

If our parents were able to learn to count with small rings, learned the colours through cubes of different shapes, the psychomotor development of our children could be acquired through educational game software downloaded on our tablets and computers. The place of these games is more and more important in today’s society.

The difference between educational games and traditional games

We cannot make a fixed distinction between educational games and traditional games, because in itself all games have an educational side. But for pediatricians and specialists, these so-called “educational” games are those that, in addition to being playful, develop in a distinctive way the childrens’ abilities (their motor skills, their logic, their vocabulary, their memory, their concentration).These games also have tools to assess the level of children in relation to a given capacity and thus adapting their learning pace. For example, role-plays that, in addition to developing the child’s imagination, play on their vocabulary and speech.

When the educational game comes in version 2.0

In a digital era, there are recent games that can be downloaded on phones, tablets, or computers. The difference with non-digital games is that they can keep kids busy at all times and have multiple episodes and levels. You can then install a single game for two or three children of different ages. However, the learning app has to be downloaded by the parents and the most effective ones are not free. It will therefore be necessary to allocate a budget for your child to benefit from educational games, but the advantage lies in the fact that it is cheaper compared to other more traditional educational games.

Choose your educational game effectively

On the web, as well as on the classic markets, we find thousands of educational games, all of them attractive. It will therefore be necessary to know which ones will be effective for your children. For that, it will be necessary to match the age of the children with the game in question. If the game is too easy for them, they will be bored quickly and will drop it very quickly, but if the level of difficulty is too high for them, it will generate a certain frustration that will give them a feeling of incapacity. It is also recommended to choose evolutive games which will give the impression to the children that they evolve at their own pace. The game is more efficient if it has several levels of difficulty. But the most important is that it is fun for children and they want to play it otherwise it will not even be worth downloading.