The Dancing Girls: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with nail-biting suspense (Detective Jo Fournier) by M.M. Chouinard

This totally gripping story starts with a murder of a young beautiful, shy woman and loving wife Jeanine Hammond. She was found killed in a hotel room with her body posed like a ballerina. As if she was frozen in the middle of some action. Who could do that to such a nice person and in such a small and sleepy town in Massachusetts? This book is definitely impossible to put down. A newly-promoted detective Jo Fournier is to investigate this case.

The body pose of the killed woman was not the only oddity in this case. Her wedding ring has escaped. Security cameras showed the woman coming to the hotel with a man in a fedora but it was impossible to see him clearly or to indicate his personality. Neither her family or her friends could believe she had an affair. She was there for a work conference. There was no sign of sexual assault. Who and why could do that? Who could steal the wedding ring and why should anyone need it? Jo was hungry for answers. Jeanine’s husband was also under suspicion as he was very controlling about money and had strange behavior.

This story is full of twists and turns. Readers get to know that Jo has a very sad life-story too. Her boyfriend has been shot to death and she didn’t manage to get justice for him. So Jo was eager to get justice for Jeanine’s family now as they were involved in compound developement.

As Jo is getting closer to solving the mystery, another woman is killed. And the second victim was also posed like a dancer with her hands above her head. Her wedding ring was missing too. The cameras showed a man in a fedora but his face was not clearly seen, again. Another coincidence was is the reason of the victim to come to the town – a work conference, again. It seemed those were some ritualistic murders.

Looking through police files Jo finds out that there was a series of such cases and all victims had the same strangulation marks. It turned out a serial killer was on the loose. Unwillingness of Jo’s bosses and the FBI to assist involves the question in difficulty. Jo decided to investigate the killings outside of her jurisdiction and break the murder case even if that would cause the end of her career.

Jo has put a lot of work in this case and just when she began losing hope she found some information on the victims’ computers. It turned out that those women were hiding some big lies. It looked as if it was that very missing link. Jo didn’t have much time to sit and think over the case as she knew the killer was about to choose a new victim. At that moment she was the only person to stop the murder and to save someone’s innocent life.

This brilliant book will keep you on the edge of your seat until you read it to the end using such libraries as This story has a huge unexpected twist you will not see coming. The Dancing Girls is an absolutely gripping thriller that really brings to light the dangers of online grooming. The attacked people are not only young inexperienced individuals, but also those who feel insecure, lost or lonely looking for someone to listen and to understand them. Martin was there to listen, to help and to kill… Readers get to know his story: his childhood, the reasons for committing the murders as well as the process how each victim was killed. The twist at the end was completely unexpected.

Every thrillers lover will be charmed with this story. It is absolutely breathtaking and is written with a vivid characters and catching particulars. Readers of the book will definitely get that certain psychological suspense which they are waiting for from a thriller. The story is told from multiple points of view – the killer, the Detective and each of the soon-to-be victims. This book has a unique end making its readers be waiting for the next story coming soon.