The Cost of Education: Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?


Going to college isn’t cheap, and neither are the required textbooks. But why are textbooks so expensive? Read on to learn why!

If you’ve ever gone to or are preparing to go to college, one of the first topics you’re likely to hear about is the subject of textbooks. It’s a subject that’s been around forever, and most likely won’t stop being the center of attention.

Textbooks have been a thorn in the college student’s backside due to price. A single textbook can easily cost you hundreds of dollars, which sounds even crazier when you realize most of your books will only be used for one semester before being completely worthless.

But why are textbooks so expensive? After all, they’re just a bunch of pages bound together that were written by some old dude (no offense to the old dudes), so it doesn’t make sense that you have to pay so much for what you’re getting.

We’re going to get to the bottom of why this is the case, so you can stay informed. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Are Textbooks So Expensive? It May Start with STEM

Sometimes, being popular has its backlashes. Textbooks are a great way to show this.

Lately, many businesses have been pushing for a need for engineers, tech people, and the like. As a result, more students than ever before have been pushing for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses.

Colleges know this, and being money-hungry, they capitalize on this and make the most money possible. Books for STEM courses can easily be 500% more than books in other fields like art, English, and education (we aren’t kidding).

If you’re taking a STEM course, be aware that you most likely will be paying quite a bit just to get the tools you need.

It May Be a Subscription Issue

Many professors are trying to have students buy a subscription in order to access the course content, and that’s a definite drain on their college accounts.

A growing number of courses are requiring students to buy into a subscription to take the class. Included with the subscription are the textbook, online coursework, and anything else that students will need to finish the class.

The problem with this is that these course subscriptions are expensive because the companies making them know you have to buy their specific product for the course. Without it, you can’t take the course, simple as that.

Your school may even be working with these companies so that they only offer that particular subscription for the course, so expect to spend hundreds on one of these subscriptions if your professor’s class requires it.

For all of this talk about expensive textbooks, there are ways to get around – and get ahead. Renting textbooks online is an effective way to get the books you need for a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.

With this knowledge, you can go to class with your textbooks and still keep money in your pocket. Yep, you’re welcome.

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