The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy and Spiritual Discipline in Young Boys

When boys become teens, they begin to make many decisions for themselves. Unfortunately, some of these decisions affect their lives and the lives of their families negatively. When their choices become too extreme, their parents may struggle with helping them get their lives back on track. One option with meaningful benefits is christian wilderness therapy.

The main benefit of using a boarding school for boys is that it removes the teen from their normal environment. When they do not have access to the bad habits, inappropriate friends, and ability to just hide from the world, they must adapt. In a wilderness therapy program, adapting means starting to exercise, eat better, and learn basic survival and personal care techniques.

Another benefit of a boot camp for teenagers is that they learn how to become better people. If the therapy program is long enough, a teen can go through three stages to improve themselves. The first stage is where they try to avoid any change. The second is where they learn what they need to change by watching and interacting with their peers and by trying to take care of themselves out in the wild. The third stage is where they actually incorporate their new healthy behaviors into habits that can be taken with them when they return home.

According to Woodcreek Academy, this helps teens feel more self-confident and physically healthier, as well as, possibly overcoming phobias, addictions and depression.