Teaching English in Singapore Using Phonics Offers Better Understanding

English is so important to the education no matter which country that you live in. Currently the places that teach English are more and more reaching out to phonics to help their students with English. Schools are now offering students specifically created English phonics classes Singapore helping the students’ advance through all the steps of literacy from awareness of phonics to fully having independent understanding.

Teaching by phonics

Teaching English in this way includes:

  • Classes from 2.5 years old onwards;
  • Attention to each child’s learning needs;
  • Small class size;
  • Promotion based on each child’s readiness.

What they learn

Classes of no more than 6 students are introduced to phonics, rhythm, intonation, articulation and pronunciation through rhymes and songs. The children will learn how to confidently address a group and build stronger vocabularies using pictures of objects, animals and people.


Children are assessed above the age of 5. For those children below 5 years old, no assessment is needed as they will beginning from the pre-reader stage.

Several schools

Severalschoolsin Singapore teaches English this way using the systematic phonic approach in Phonics and Reading. This method has been proven to work well in groups that are small – a maximum of 8. This ensures that students can progress and develop in their own way without being left behind.

A whole new world

This unlocks an entire new world for the child with some schools using Little Readers programme to aid them in learning to read with phonics. Once the children are on their way to learning English, they will be able to go for further upper education almost anywhere in the world.


Children will love reading, singing, rapping and dramatizing stories and will develop early reading and spelling skills. Children will internalize grammar rules with fun and interactive activities. They will improve their English by writing poems and songs. Each year they will learn more and more English.

There are many schools in Singapore teach English and you can call them to find out the prices and what methods they use in teaching English. Once the children use English, they will have a language skill that is used all around the world.