Talking to Your Pet is Good For Your Health

If you have a dog, you will certainly have tried to talk to him. Stop talking to him by saying things like “what is it?”, “Food?” or “do we go out for a walk?”, because based on his intelligence and the intensity of your relationship, he will understand you more or less. Let’s check the facts.

There are some tricks and tips that can improve your communication enormously, assuming that the dog is a sociable animal that loves to please you and that receives sufficient attention.

Capture your attention

It doesn’t make much sense to place an order or try to communicate with your dog if you don’t have his attention first. Use his name or gesture to do it.

You have to know that dogs respond much better to visual stimuli, for this reason snapping your fingers, saying goodbye or moving your arm up and down are excellent tools to attract the attention of your dog.

Analyzing another situation, if you are not familiar with the dog with whom you have to relate, the best thing will be to offer him snacks or prizes (you can use a small piece of frankfurters). Thanks to the sound of opening a plastic bag you will catch his attention in an instant.

Decide the words that will form part of your vocabulary

Even though dogs are very intelligent animals, they find it difficult to differentiate words that have a similar phonetics. For this reason we advise you to choose fixed and short words for each specific order, accompanied by a particular visual gesture.

  • Those who have a dog or a cat know exactly what we are talking about. You who do not stop talking to your animal as if it understood everything. Besides, it is no longer a dog but a roommate in fact.
  • Your friends find it certainly very weird but for you it is so normal and we reassure you there is no reason to be ashamed. According to a psychologist, talking to your pet is something to be encouraged because it is a sign of intelligence . Children talk to toys or animals from an early age and it contributes greatly to intellectual development.

It’s the same for adults

So you can continue to ask your dog if he had a good day or ask your cat if he is hungry or want to go out, it proves that you have a great open mind and a more sensitive side than other.

In addition, according to the study, and this is probably the most important, your pet understands you. How do they know? No idea.

On the other hand, those who sleep with their dog

It allows you to be more relaxed and sleep better but it’s not super clean.