Step Into Your Next Job

It can be difficult to look for a new job. Mobile app programs can make the process easier, but it still requires a lot of patience and dedication to keep searching until you find a suitable job.  Of course, not all job posting apps are created equal when it comes to helping you find the right position for you. The most important criterion for choosing a job search app is that it can tell which kinds of jobs you want to apply for.  The second criterion is that the app fits your fast-paced lifestyle.

Choose an App That Refines Your Search in a Meaningful Way

To get an idea of what an unrefined search looks like, try scrolling through all the ads on the first page of an employment classifieds site.  You will probably find that many of them are repetitive.  You will most likely also find that they belong to very different industries.  A post for a restaurant server will appear right above a post for an air traffic controller.  In such a disorganized list of posts, it can be difficult to notice appropriate jobs for you, even when they are listed.  Without refining your search by location and keywords, browsing job listings is an exercise in frustration.

Choose an App That Notifies You Immediately of Desirable Job Positions

It is important to apply for jobs soon after they are posted.  If you wait too long to apply, there is a good chance that another qualified candidate will get the position first.  Job posting apps like StepStone alert you to jobs that match your criteria as soon as these posts appear. StepStone sends notifications to your phone so you can apply for the job ahead of your competition.

Job search apps make the job search easier, but you really need immediate notifications about appropriate jobs for you.