Reasons for choosing Hong Kong for further studies

Almost everyone has dreamed or still dreams of studying in an international country where they can get the best education opportunities yet enjoy being in the country. Deciding regarding studying abroad is not at all easy as there are so many options to choose from when you consider studying abroad. Among the many good options there is Hong Kong, a city that welcomes thousands of students each year in their study programs. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and get a completely new, and change of experience, do consider Hong Kong among your options. This is a special place where the west meets the east. Yet, this is only one of the attractions that Hong Kong has to offer.

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If you want to join for your studies you need to consider international school fee’s in hong kong. Before that, let us see why you need to consider Hong Kong for your studies!

Why choose Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a busy metropolis apart from being a famous place for higher education. The country is ranked third by the 2018 Global financial centers index. It has increasingly become a hub for international higher education all thanks to the world-class, high-performing universities combined with an amazing lifestyle. Here are a few reasons to choose Hong Kong for your further studies.

  1.     A great education hub

The Administrative region government of Hong Kong is determined to make the place a regional hub for education. Every year the country offers UGC-funded programs to thousands of international students at the graduate level. One main factor that adds to the attraction of the country for international students is the vast number of courses that are being taught in English, which is the world’s, Lingua Franca. Nevertheless, students also get the chance to get acquainted with different Chinese language varieties, but mainly Cantonese that is used in Hong Kong. Hence, a great opportunity for education becomes a major attraction in the country.

  1.     Cost and funding

One of the main attractions of the country is also the cost and funding associated with studying in Hong Kong. Hong Kong offers a great range of scholarships especially for overseas students, that are offered through either the universities of the country or by external body funding. While tuition costs do vary between courses, you can expect to pay from HK$ 75,000 to HK$ 120,000. Hong Kong is a rather less expensive option in terms of costs when contrasted with other countries, which makes it a major attraction.

  1.     It is a vibrant city

Students from all around the world to study and live in Hong Kong which is displays a great mixture of cultures. Studying in Hong Kong is not just about to study, but also exploring the vast culture that exists there. With several country parks, and natural reserves, you have other ancient temples and wildlife safaris, and many more attractions that are easily accessible and within the reach of all people, residents, tourists, or international students. So, as students enjoy their studies, they can explore and enjoy the rich culture that Hong Kong has to offer.

  1.     Ideal location

Hong Kong has an ideal location that is great for those traveling to China for job, studies, or just as tourists. The city is well connected to Beijing and Shanghai, which are important nerve-centers in China. With an education in Hong Kong together with a Mandarin proficiency, many avenues in the country for recent graduates and international students. Located in the heart of Asia, the city has similar time zones as Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Manila. The great location of Hong Kong makes it an ideal option as a place for study.

  1.     Well-connected and safe city

Hong Kong is a safe city, having the lowest crime rates in the world making it a good option for travel and residence. Moreover, foreign national discrimination is also a serious concern considered by the local authorities. In the case of transport, Hong Kong has excellent service for public transport, and all the areas in the city are connected by different services like trams, metro, ferries, or buses. For payments, an octopus card is used that is widely accepted by retail outlets and shops.

  1.     Multiple opportunities

From modern infrastructure to attractive tax systems, and closeness to Asian markets, Hong Kong is a wonderful attraction for study, and corporation start-ups.  The status of Hong Kong as an international finance center is maintained by its constitution. Studying in Hong Kong can give you a great opportunity to strengthen your professional and social connections that can serve as a great help for your career.

  1.     The education quality

The quality of education in Hong Kong is perfect for students who enjoy new challenges. Studying in the place will make you enjoy your assignments, and work well with your academic commitments. The education is challenging all in the right ways, welcoming and attracting thousands of international students each year.

The fee structure in Hong Kong

Harrow international school in Hong Kong includes the entire fee for all the things. This includes application fee, tuition fee, boarding fee, and other charges. Multiple payment methods can be chosen once your admission to Hong Kong is confirmed. Payment methods for Hong Kong universities include cheques and bank transfers.  

Step out of your comfort zone and come to Hong Kong for an amazing study experience. Living in Hong Kong will be an entirely different experience, as you get to enjoy a diverse culture different from your home. There may be some hurdles of language barriers as you go to another country to study, but you will enjoy the experience, and make some wonderful memories.

Studying abroad in Hong Kong will be a wonderful experience that you surely do not want to miss. With such diverse cultures, and a great, safe environment, you will enjoy getting immersed in the great blend of cultures. Study in Hong Kong because you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity.