As different types of businesses are flourishing in India, it’s always essential to learn a foreign language other than English. Hybrid cultures also instill a feeling of learning a new language like never before.

When it comes to learning a language in India, these include Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and Russian. Even though these are quite similar to one another, it becomes easier only when the person has a good command over English.

It has been found that 7,000 different languages are spoken across the globe. According to the figures recorded by UNESCO, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and many more are spoken by native speakers. Thus, it becomes quite obvious that the demand for programs is going to increase. So, let’s look at the benefits of learning a new language.

Increases interactivity

The most important benefit of learning a new language is that the person can meet new people. You can immediately seek friends once you are mingling in a group and delighted to share the language. Moreover, you would be very much surprised when people are willing to speak in their own mother tongue.

Enhances the profile

If you have mentioned fluency in a second language in your resume, then employers would certainly prefer hiring you. Multilingual people have the ability to interact and communicate with a diverse set of communities. The candidate’s skill set is considered to be a valuable asset by many employers. A startup would definitely such people because they are far more capable to negotiate with manufacturers based in other countries. Besides, a second language motivates you and drives you ahead to learn new skills. Gaining a competitive edge over others is yet another benefit.

Great for traveling

Knowing more than one language can open up possibilities whenever you plan to travel. Even though fluency is not required, the localities would be happy when they understand that you tried to learn. While you find it easy to meet new people, a greater level of respect can be expected. In case the person is planning to pursue higher studies in a different country, he is supposed to know a language.

Makes you smart

Improving communication skills with a second language can improve memory and makes you even more smarter. As the concentration is considerably increased, a new language enhances problem solving skills.

It has been observed that bilingual students tend to score more in standardized tests. Once the person has the ability to switch from one language to another, he would give a pat on his back after improving multitasking abilities. Apart from being logical and rational, you can make quick decisions and think with a broader perspective.

A research has revealed that bilingualism helps to combat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to a well known Academy of Neurology, speaking additional languages can boost the functioning of neurons. Information can be processed in a much better way through a variety of channels. No matter what the age might be; multilingualism contributes to the overall development of the brain.

Enhances creativity

As compared to monolingual speakers, multilingual speakers think a bit more creatively. Besides improving problem solving techniques, the person develops a logical frame of mind. Leveling up communication skills helps to look for alternative words and experiment with new phrases. Divergent thinking helps to come with different solutions to a single problem.

Boosts self-confidence

As a person masters a new skill from time to time, the confidence is increased to a certain extent. Over a period of time, confident people seem to be more interesting than those who are unsure of what they need to speak. So, if you are introvert and seeking a way to meet new people, then there’s no other excuse rather than learning a new language. As the horizons are expanded, you would be able to broaden experiences in life. Additionally, you might become the most interesting person in the world.

Enhances academic performance

Since the brain starts functioning in a different way, the person always develops a wide range of cognitive skills. He is well prepared to face the competition during tests associated with reading comprehension and vocabulary. Relentless communication in a different language, increase the Intelligent Quotient and aids in developing innovation.

Improves market value

The market value is bound to go up when people learn languages like French. While it’s not necessary to know English very well, proficiency in French surely empowers them for applying to various jobs. The language serves to helpful when a person or a student is immigrating to countries like Canada.

Finally, learning a new language can be perceived as learning a new culture. Intercultural comprehension increases when expatriates are coming to India and Indians are working abroad. Patience and diligence is required while someone is trying to grasp the language. Career prospects are way better when foreign languages are understood.