Qualities You Need as a HR Professional

Working in human resources often requires a certain type of person, who possesses some very specific qualities. Human resources professionals are essential in workplaces to deal with issues such as hiring, firing, employee training, employee complaints, disciplinary action, and simply making sure that everybody is happy and satisfied at work. HR is also responsible for managing employee payroll, ensuring that each employee is paid the full amount of money that they are owed for the work that they have done. We’ve listed some of the main qualities that both employers and employees look for in a good HR professional:3

Communication Skills:

When you think of a good HR professional, the first type of person that comes to mind is somebody that you can speak to easily and is a good listener. Since HR is usually the first department that employees will go to with issues such as bullying in the workplace or even if they need personal time off for illness or bereavement, it’s important that people who work in this department are able to listen to employees’ problems and offer them the best solution.

Expertise in HR:

It goes without saying that potential employers for HR jobs will be looking for candidates who show a strong interest in and a lot of expertise in the subject of human resources. For example, completing a diploma of human resources online in Australia is great for your resume and will boost your chances of getting a HR job. However, don’t just limit it to getting a HR qualification – doing http://www.doxycycline-buy.com extra research around the subject will improve your knowledge and impress employers.

Organisational Skills:

In order to work successfully in HR you don’t need to be a super-organised person, however, it’s important that you are able to manage and organise your time well. Along with this, it’s also important to remember that it’s the HR department who look after payroll, so depending on your specific role, you’ll also need to be able to organise figures and make sure that everybody is given the right amount of pay.


As a human resources professional in any industry or business, it’s important that you are somebody who is able to stay objective. This is because when working in HR, you may often need to get involved with employee grievances or disciplinary action, at times this could be with somebody that you know, or even somebody who you are friends with. Although most good companies will try to avoid this from happening, it’s important that HR professionals can look at things from an objective point of view without letting their personal opinions or feelings get involved.

Good Teacher:

Lastly, many HR professionals will spend a lot of their time focussing on training and developing employees. Due to this, those who work in HR must be good at teaching and explaining new things to help employees develop and improve their skills. You can get better at coaching others through practice, and this will also help you to develop your own personal career.

Which qualities would you look for in a HR professional?