What Qualities Do You Need To Possess When You Are The Manager Of A Human Resource Department?

Managing a human resources department is one of the biggest responsibilities that anyone can have in a company. There are several qualities that you need to possess when you are managing a human resources department. These qualities are the same whether you are part of a very small start-up with a handful of employees, or a multi-national corporation with has thousands of employees.

What are the main qualities that you need to possess when you are the manager of a human resource department?


One of the best qualities that any human resources manager can have is creativity, and this can be taught on human resources management courses. This applies when you are thinking of exciting ways to deliver some training sessions. People can become incredibly bored when they feel like the training sessions are repetitive or uninspiring.


One of the most important qualities that you need to possess when you are the manager of a human resources company is empathy. You will be in charge of disciplining and firing employees, and this needs to be handled in a very tactful way.

You will have to be very empathetic in these situations and you will make the employee feel better about themselves. It is important that employees that are being fired leave the company on good terms.

Listening Ability

When you have a greater sense of empathy, you will also be able to listen to people without any difficulty. Remembering what people have said and taking their grievances on board is very http://www.ordergenericpropeciaonline.com/buy-cheap-propecia.html important. Employees will notice when you are really listening to their concerns, and they will feel like they are a valued member of the team at work.

Interviewing Skills

When you are leading the human resources department, one of your main tasks will be to interview people once they have applied for an advertised job. This is something that you might need a lot of practice with. You should always make sure that you have written down the full list of interview questions so that you will not forget anything at all.

Once the interview has finished, you will need to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of what they said and did during the process. You might need to liaise with the owner of the business in order to make the final decision.

Conflict Resolution

You often have to play a very diplomatic role when you are the head of a human resources department. Conflict resolution will be one of the main parts of your job because disputes can arise at any time and for any reason. You might need to go on a specialist training course in order to become completely comfortable with conflict resolution.

Human resources management is not an easy task, and it is something that you need to approach with confidence if you are going to have any success whatsoever. Listen to advice from people who have been HR managers longer than you.