Peter Loftin- Know About The Life of an Amazing Entrepreneur

It is not that easy to find someone with the right amount of knowledge and inspirational character, someone with such a persona that it will actually motivate you to achieve your goals in life. Well, talking of great human character, one name that involuntarily pops up in our mind is Peter Loftin; the king of BTI industries or some might also call him as the uncrowned king of Casa Casuarina. This man has achieved all his goals and is a perfect example for the youth on how to achieve your goal if you have the right perception.

Mr. Loftin is widely regarded for the establishment of BTI Industries and also for the boom that he created in the telecommunication industries all over North California. He has achieved a lot of success at the BTI Company and also led the company to some great points. Talking of is achievements, he was named as the “North California Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Business North California magazine.

In addition to this, he also received the “Corporate Citizen of the Year Award”, which was given for his contribution to the society. In his spare time he used to spend his time on art works; this hobby of his actually led him to purchase Casa Casuarina.

Different Business Ventures: Success and achievements

It was in the year 2000 when Loftin purchased Casa Casuarina; he sold a part of BTI and eventually invested that money in real estate; the most notable possession apart from all his properties is Casa Casuarina. It is one of Loftin’s greatest shot at business and charity as well. As Casa Casuarina needed workers, he provided them with jobs and turned this place in a boutique as well as a club; this helped him in making business as well as doing charity. This was actually a gift to the community from Loftin and this again shows the great character this man possesses.  

Mr. Peter Loftin just did not settled down with this achievement; he had something much more big in his mind and he wanted to add another feather to his cap. In the year 2016, Loftin set up a new Whiskey distillery, Bradstown Bourbon; it was the largest among all. It was the model during that period of time when it was launched. He shared a partnership bond with the Constellation Brands but he also was the chairman of the company brand. The Bradstown Bourbon Company have also planned of opening a $25 million campus to the public. There are also thoughts of opening a hotel which will serve whiskey manufactured by the company.

Mr. Loftin is also known as one of the major founders of Globesec Nine which is later renamed as Torch Hill Investment Partner. This company actually deals with growth capital of those particular companies that deals with intelligence and defence industry. This man also believes in a lot of charity and is noted for his kind heart. He has donated $10 million in various NGO’s and charities. If we look at an overall career graph of Peter Loftin, then he is very much successful in life in almost every aspects.