Peter Loftin As An Inspiration And Icon For Today

If someone has any doubt regarding what or how a truly successful person should be, then he or she should take a look at Peter Loftin and his entire life. Since childhood, he has always been a giver, doing more and more for others. Apart from being good at heart, he is also an art enthusiast who has made great scope and opportunities for culture and art in every way possible. The Casa Casuarina is owned by him and it hosts art and cultural events and many other charitable events.

Peter dropped out of college when he was 26 years old and by the age of 31, he was the founder of the sole base of the telecommunications organisations of the United States. He founded the Business Telecom Inc. or the BTI which is the single greatest and most celebrated telecom organisation in the entirety of United States today. He started off as the chairman and helped the company generate a lot of revenue of over the years. The BTI Company is a North Carolina based company.

Accomplishments and Trophies of Loftin

The charitable and giving nature of Peter made him a hero and an inspiration for many. He has donated all his life to different causes and has helped provide employment to countless people in the Business Telecom Inc. He gave them a respectable profession. Being an art enthusiast he has organized many charitable and art and culture events in his Casa Casuarina. However, the most notable achievements and brandishing awards are as follows:

  1. Purchased the luxury hotel cum social club, Casa Casuarina and has been hosting many cultural, art and charitable events to show his appreciation towards art and culture. He has also hosted many celebrity parties there. The Casa Casuarina was purchased by Peter Loftin in the year 2000.
  2. Founded and established the renowned and respected CM3 Group which is counter-terrorism contractor. He did this by consulting with Richard Shaffer and Michael Haley. It’s main objective is to handle terrorism and terrorist acts throughout the country.
  3. Founded the GlobeSecNine which is now known as the Torch Hill Investment Partners. It deals with the defence and intelligence industry.
  4. The base of the telecom industry of the United States was established by Peter Loftin. He founded the Business Telecom Inc. or the BTI which is a company that generates revenue of about $20 million today.
  5. He founded the ‘Coat for Kids’ organisation that provides warm clothes and coats for the people who don’t have a roof over their heads.

The huge popularity of Loftin

Peter Loftin has gained popularity for being Entrepreneur of the Year multiple times and for being a philanthropist. He has developed boosted the telecom base of the United States. He has donated large sums of money to different organisations to help them aid the less fortunate. Furthermore, being an art and culture enthusiast he has purchased the Casa Casuarina and uses it to host various charitable events and art and culture events.