Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan Work Together to Improve Education

The countries of Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan are working together to improve higher education and to make it more accessible to all their residents. Representatives from the HEC (Higher Education Commission) and from the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) as well as educators from various universities in the countries met and decided to work together for the good of all citizens.


According to the HEC, the purpose for the visit was for officials to discuss how they can work together to improve education, to see the conditions of the educational facilities and to assess how strong the Kyrgyz educational programs are at the moment. This visit will allow the two countries to determine the best way for them to improve higher education in Pakistan, increase research opportunities and improve technology. Specific plans were talked about by representatives of the Higher Education Commission with regard to what Pakistan is doing to make higher education more accessible for all residents.

Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan are discussing the creation of joint venture university in Islamabad called University of Central Asia Pakistan (UCAP). The representatives from the different organizations at this meeting decided that it would be best if one person from the government of Kyrgyzstan was fully responsible for the planning and execution of part of the UCAP educational programs. That way, they can share their knowledge with students and help facilitate research opportunities.

Discussions occurred about how the two countries can work together including letting faculty and staff go back and forth between universities, working on research projects together, putting on educational programs for the general public and building more higher education institutes. The countries also plan on working together on issues like food supplies, medical care, environmental issues, athletics, social issues like poverty and much more. Together, representatives from the two countries believe they can make both their countries better in every way.

Everyone involved with the collaboration signed DoU (Documents of Understanding) including the Kyrgyzstan University of Construction and Transportation, the University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi and Islamia Universities, Peshawar, Islamia College Peshawar and the Kyrgyzstan International University.

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