Online ACLS Recertification Courses For Emergency Personnel

These days, doing your AHA ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) renewal couldn’t be more convenient and straightforward.  Online ACLS recertification courses make it simple and easy for busy health care professionals to renew their ACLS certification so they can get back to what they do best – saving lives and helping people. 

A primary objective of web-based ACLS recertification courses is making things convenient as well as providing a valuable learning experience.  By signing up to do your AHA ACLS renewal online, you’ll gain knowledge and accurate information about current practices.  You can work at a time that’s best for you and you’ll have access to the best resources to successfully complete your ACLS renewal.

ACLS Certification Expiry

Well before your ACLS certification expires, you should receive notification of this from the AHA.  This will give you enough time to recertify before the expiration date.  Not doing so will limit your access to life-saving equipment and medications. 

This notification will highlight all of the important information you’ll need to complete your recertification process successfully.  You can also usually find this information on their website, or by contacting them directly.  From there, you can enroll in your online AHA ACLS renewal course by following the instructions provided by the AHA website.

What To Do If Your ACLS Certificate Expires

Should your ACLS certification expire, it is not the end of the world!  AHA ACLS renewal or recertification is relatively simple and straightforward.  However, you will need to do it before continuing your emergency work with patients. 

If you are not sure whether your ACLS certification has expired, the best thing to do is check with the AHA or try and find the completion card you were given when you completed your last ACLS course.  If it does turn out to have expired, you have a couple of options.  Either redo the ACLS course and recertify, or provide proof of relevant refresher/continuing education.  It’s important to note that if you do choose this second option, it must be on topics related to cardiac arrest.

Redoing your ACLS certification is as convenient and straightforward as enrolling in an accredited ACLS recertification course.

Ongoing AHA ACLS Renewal Gives You The Ongoing Authority To Save Lives

It’s important that you continue to be eligible to save lives.  Whilst you may think that certifying once should allow you to use ACLS to keep saving lives forever, this is not the case. 

ACLS guidelines and best practices – and therefore the certification requirements – are constantly changing and evolving.  This is why you’re required to take ACLS recertification courses every two years to renew your ACLS certification.  Better methods and improved technologies are constantly being discovered, which makes staying on top of this knowledge the key to continue saving lives.

Online AHA ACLS Renewal Courses

Most medical facilities and employers today accept that online AHA approved ACLS recertification courses are the equivalent of in-person classes.  Confirm this with your employer first though before signing up for an online ACLS renewal course.  Once you have, get enrolled today and get that ACLS recertification done and out of the way.  It will mean that you have or are up to date with all the latest practices when it comes to assessing a patient in cardiac or respiratory arrest.