Nurturing Empathic Joy in Your Classroom as a Teacher



Education is now a basic need all over the world. All kids have a right to good education which both the parents and the government should facilitate. Teachers who are dedicated to their work compliment these efforts as they play a role of educating the students. As a teacher, you can create a harmonious learning environment which will be full of joy both for the students and for you as well.

If the school provides reliable learning resources like those found in and you get a good salary at the end of the day, then there is no reason why teachers should not create an empathic joy in the classroom.

What is Empathic Joy?

According to one experienced teacher of many years, the empathic joy is when the teacher and the students can understand and share emotions that are positive to both. In other words, teachers are in a position to feel the joy when students feel it and vice versa. It is possible to find both the student and the teacher laugh together over an issue related to studies. The tutors who have devised effective teaching methods to overcome the students’ weaknesses are in a position to feel this way.

Focusing on the Good Things

Everyone including the teachers has weaknesses. Likewise, people have strong points that drive them as well. As a teacher, you could decide to focus on the strong points in your pupils. Some psychologists agree that a teacher who takes time to focus on individuals and well as the whole class at the same time is the most talented. Further, good teachers do not have a prejudice and bias against any students for any reason.

Share Your Good Experience

Students look at teachers as their role models and will tend to copy how they do things. When a teacher shares a good experience they had over the weekend, the students will listen keenly and focus. Happy experiences that happened to their tutors make them happy naturally. Therefore, it is upon teachers to ensure that they share all their good experiences as it creates a bond between the two parties. The class will always be full of joy at all times.

Appreciate the Students

Even a simple thank you will change the mood of the student. Sometimes when they are nervous after a test, tell them how proud you are because they did their best. Appreciating learners gives them inner joy and motivation to do even better. They want even better appreciation next time and they will put extra effort to study. On the other hand, scolding and showing anger even when students are not the wrong will only break their heart and instill fear. Avoid this.

Be a Role Model

This is the toughest but the most powerful way to retain an empathic joy in your class. It is as simple as taking good care of yourself whether in class, school or outside the school. Most learners are happy to be associated with a teacher who is successful in life and rarely has dramas in life.

With these tips, any tutor will have created an empathic joy in their class whether they teach young kids and teenagers.