M-learning: Changing The Face Of Education

Technology plays an important role in seeking knowledge. The drastic change in technology has brought a major difference in the learning techniques, one of which becomes most populous is the Mobile-Learning (M-learning) technique. Mobile phones seem to be the fastest growing technology that has enhanced the learning methodology. Mobile phones offer various advantages over the other means of learning, as it has gained its importance in the life of everyone. An average person spends around 6-8 hours using mobile phones.

Education through mobile phones is far more convenient, as it offers a various number of advantages to students. The mobile application has also gained a lot of popularity by providing students online or offline mode of learning. This has helped students to enjoy the learning methods.

Let us understand the various applications and how mobile-based learning has unlocked the new trends in education-


(i) Visual means of learning- Mobile learning provides learning in an online or an offline mode, both of which are through the use of video, animation or in-air projection methods. As all these techniques provide a good visual image, where learners can understand the actual process carried out in an action, and the resultant reaction obtained, thus it helps learners to learn the in-depth concept in a technique. This also helps the user to pertain the knowledge for a prolonged duration.

(ii) A personal learning tool- Mobile learning provides users to learn the concepts in a better way. A personal tool helps students to learn the concepts at their own pace. Through mobile phones, one can study according to their desire by choosing the best possible time for studies. In this manner, students can learn effectively without having any worries about the external condition such competition amongst the peers, which causes stress and anxiety during studies.


(iii) Learning anywhere and anytime- Mobile phones are portable in nature, which means, one which can be carried out with humans. Anyone can utilize the leisure time or can study during the time of travel. Also through the use of the internet, it is now possible to connect with anyone far away from us, even at a remote area. This improves the learning method and creates interest amongst the students for studies.

(iv) Sequential arrangement of lectures- Many times we come across a situation where we can’t understand the concepts from textbooks, as we missed out some essential topics that were prerequisites of the concepts. Mobile phones provide alternatives to such solutions, as it has topics arranged in such a manner that one can study with a flow without any problems in conceptual understanding or a break during their studies. Such as topics like Percentage cannot be easily understood, without having a good knowledge of Ratio and Proportion, fractions and Number system

(v) Analyze progress- It is crucial for the students to analyze their strong and weak areas. Working on weak areas can be helpful for them to excel in the subject, rather than just practicing topics in which they are strong. The various mobile application provides students with a mock test for practice after which they can get to know their result and areas on which they need to work on.

All these advantages of mobile phones help learners to easily study with engaging ways. These techniques are easy and are carried out in a fun way. This has transformed the learning methods by creating an interest for studies.

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