Learn Spanish by Using It

Anyone who is looking to improve his chances of advancing in his professional path will benefit from learning another language. One of the best choices is to learn Spanish – Spanish and English are two languages that you can use almost anywhere you work.The best way to learn Spanish in Central America is one referred to as “total immersion”.


Normally there are 2 types of courses: Total Immersion and Standard Course.

What’s the difference? Well, when it comes to total immersion, the main characteristic is that you do homestay, meaning that you share your time (and space) with a local family, partaking in the daily activities and living as a local.

A standard course is, as it sounds, the traditional situation of attending to a classroom and practising what you learn by exploring the town and talking to locals.

If you want to experience a Spanish immersion program, Costa Rica might be the perfect place for that. Nature, travellers, food and beaches make just the perfect immersion program for travellers.Here you will learn the language by using it, speaking to locals.This is what a total Spanish Immersion Program means.

Best opportunity

You will get the best chance to experience Latin American customs, culture and way of life – by living it first-hand.There are plenty of outdoor excursions and tours plus cultural and social activities after class plus options to volunteer.

Real Spanish Immersion

The best option for learning Spanish is the opportunity to immerse yourself 100 percent in the language.Stay with a Spanish family and take part in the everyday life of a family, to learn Spanish as well as the traditions, and culture.Experiencing the Spanish language this way will not only improve your Spanish skills but also open your eyes to anentirely different culture.

Current offers

You can sign up for a five-week “Spanish Immersion Program” (or more) during June, July and August and receive a free tour weekly.You can spend mornings in Spanish class and the rest of the time on the beaches and taking part in the culture in Latin America. As for where to get this, just google Spanish School in Costa Rica and you’ll get plenty of options.