Is it necessary to hire a defense attorney like a DUI lawyer?

Hiring a defense attorney for any criminal case is the first line of defense and DUI is not immune to this rule. DUI is a serious offense, which can lead to legal consequences ranging from suspension of driving license to imprisonment. The main reason for considering DUI as a serious offense is a fact that the life of innocent bystanders and co-drivers is put at risk.

DUI stands for Driving under influence and refers to an act of driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance. Getting charged or arrested under DUI law can lead to emotional and physical loses. You would lose your reputation, license and pay hefty fines if found guilty under the law. Handling a criminal case personally is not advisable, as you need to have good knowledge about traffic laws and motor vehicle laws to be able to defend yourself.

So in answer to the above question, yes, you need a DUI defense attorney.

The purpose of a defense attorney

Most states have strict DUI laws in place. If the person charged with driving under influence is found guilty, then there is a chance him or her facing imprisonment. The charged person should have to face hardship at work, in family and personal life.  It is not simple for the person under such emotional state to be able to handle the representation at the court. A DUI cases warrant legal advice of a reputed lawyer especially the one that practices DUI cases.

DUI is a centralized law, which is specific in nature. An experienced DUI lawyer would have specialized knowledge about the aspects involved in the matter. An Orlando DUI defense lawyer is a qualified person to challenge certain aspects of the charge based on their respective experience and knowledge. Hiring a reputed attorney can guide you through the criminal procedure involved in the matter and help you with the proceedings, filing, and sentencing.

What is the penalty one has to pay under DUI cases?

Irrespective of the circumstance involved, a DUI is a serious offense in Orlando punished with severe penalty. A penalty imposed depends on the arrest and history of the conduct of the person charged.

Different form of penalties imposed on a guilty person under DUI law in Orlando is as follows:

  1. For first offenders, the penalty is – A fine of 500 dollars, suspension of license for the period of 6 months, 6 months of imprisonment and up to 50 hours of community service.
  2. For second time offenders, the penalty is a little severe, ranging from a fine up to 1000 dollars to suspension of license for one year. Also the guilty can be penalized to jail time of 9 months and Up to 50 hours of Community service.
  3. For the third time, offenders the penalty is – a suspension of license for up to 5 years, fine up to 2500 dollars, imprisonment up to 12 months and up to 50 hours of community services.

In the state of Florida, a repeated offender has to face mandatory jail time. Also, the person arrested under DUI would be subjected to immediate suspension of their driving license.  But the person has the opportunity to submit a request for suspension review within ten days of arrest. This is known as ten days rule.