Is Google a threat to libraries?

Ever thought deeply about what kind of change Google has brought into our lives? Some say Google is beneficial and some say it is not. Keeping that point apart, we all shall agree to the point that we can’t stay without Google even if it is bad or good for us. Earlier, when students used to get assignments from the school, they used to visit the library to collect data. They had to read books to gain information and then prepare the assignment. But now, when students get assignments to work on, they simply ask Google for the information and get that on their computer screens. Be it a significant social issue or a very personal matter of any entity; Google has the answers to all questions. So now, students don’t visit libraries anymore. Instead, they ask for an internet connection or visit a cafe and get what they want to in just a few minutes. And yes, while talking about an internet connection, we don’t think any person, or any student is deprived of that. They all have their mobile phones with internet schemes.
Some people already claim libraries to be a quaint relic of a forgotten age. And the main reason behind this is the quick, anywhere, anytime access to Google. But on the contrary, recent research states something very opposite. It reveals that students are approaching libraries a lot in recent times. Maybe just for a quiet place to read, but they are using libraries. And we can say that among all the public or private institutions that you can find, libraries can be meant to be the most democratic one. Everyone is welcome to the world of knowledge. Till now, libraries have not lost their value, but it seems that in future, Google might suppress libraries.
There are valid points that indicate the obsolescence of libraries. We all know what kind of changes the introduction of internet has made in the lives of people. It has provided with more benefits than negatives. It cuts the transportation cost and communication requirements. You can sit at your home and go through the information without asking anybody about it. Moreover, it facilitates quick decision making. Going to libraries and reading a whole lot of books can take months. Why do so when you can get the exact result just from a click on your computer screen? Thus, it helps you save those months and make speedy decisions. And everybody has internet access these days. So, in such case, life becomes more exciting and self-dependent. All these are the positives of Google. But still, there remains something void when you don’t read a book and trust what a site says. Many librarians have shown their concern regarding their profession and Google as a threat to libraries. Even delay in Google’s expansion was noticed because of this argument.
Libraries might lose its value and existence for students who are young and don’t love to spend time on reading. For them, Google is like a treasure which has the solution to all the academic problems they face. But think of a professional librarian and an advocate. You think they will even be able to survive if libraries vanish? It is mundane for them to consider libraries as a physical collection of books. In short, no matter how advanced Google gets or how much information it stores, they will always stick to libraries. It is true that Google has enhanced access to a vast world of virtual knowledge.
It’s true that Google has developed like anything in a few years. It is also true that students and many other people nowadays prefer Google over libraries. But this so remains a fact that “Reading is culture.” And you cannot run away from your culture for too long. Someday or the other, you’ll know its value and return. Literally, we mean that libraries hold a unique place which is quite harsh for Google to replace. For example, students nowadays head towards libraries to find a quiet place to study. Likewise, they’ll know several other benefits that libraries have.
E-books, online reading and Google can never replace the feeling you get when you read a book. The level of satisfaction is exceptionally high in case of books. For buying your desired books at low prices, check out hotozcoupons.
Yes, internet had everything, but the way books teach you is unique. As far as the threat is considered, we think there is nothing to worry about. Even decades later, libraries will hold the same amount of importance as today.