Information about SMART Goal in Life to Improve Personal Qualities

Everyone will grow. It is fact that cannot be denied. Person starts the life as baby and they will grow bigger as they are getting older. However, it is only the matter of physical growth. It cannot be denied and in the end they will become adult. In this case, what is important is about personal qualities. When it is only the matter of age that grows older and body that grows bigger, everyone gets it. It will be different when it talks about the personal qualities. Personal qualities can be about various skills learned and acquired through education, personal maturity in term of mental and psychological aspects, and other kinds of personal quality. Some people only want to follow the flow and let the time help them to grow. In fact, it is not wise enough because everyone should have goals in life and they should thrive to achieve the goal.

However, it is quite difficult to achieve the goal. Someone can make some goals, but they can easily forget the goal and in the end they do not walk on the track anymore. As the result, the goal is not achieved and there is nothing to gain. It happens in many people, and that is why it is important to know how to set a goal and try to achieve it. In this case, there is term of smart goals. SMART is actually an abbreviation of Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.  These are like a framework to make great goal in life. It is more than just things that you want to do or you want to get, but it is related to something more important and it should be achieved to improve your life and personal qualities.

Firstly, the goal should be specific. It means that the goal should have clear statement. It is not just a personal dream, but it should be specific goals that later can be achieved. When the goal is made specific, it will be easier to achieve it and it will be easier to enter the next part. Next part is measurable. Goal should be both specific and measurable. In other word, it should be something objective that later can be measured and you are able to see the progress. For example, you want to become an engineer before 30 years old, you can set specific goal and measurable objectives that later can be checked and evaluated. Then, it should be achievable. It is related to being realistic. The goal should be something clear that you can achieve. It may require great effort, but it is still achievable. You should know yourself before making a specific and achievable goal.

Next, you need to make your goal relevant. It should be something that will give good impact in your life and the main consideration is to develop your life quality. It should be about yourself, and you are the focus. Then, the goal must be time-bound. In other word, you set the goal and have clearer timeline to achieve the goal. When you want to get great supports, you can join the community in the website of happiness. The website provides you with great support system where you can supportive friends and community to support and help you.