Individualized and Differentiated Instruction: Which is a better method to use in classroom

The structure of our brain is same however the thoughts and the habits are different. That is why you cannot educate everyone with the same method and practice. This is a well-known fact by most of the schools and teachers that is why in the recent past, we have witnessed things like blended learning and online academic writing companies which provide the services like essay help and other writing assignment services. Still, this concept of versatile methods of teaching is not as common as it should be. The reason that we have been able to find of it is a lack of awareness of the teachers who are still unaware of different teaching methods that can be used in the classroom.

Every classroom has a range of students with different needs and required different methods to teach. However, collectively, any teacher can cope with this situation through two of the most used methods of instructions. Which are individualized and differentiated instruction methods. However, knowing which one is better and when to use them is important to keep the productivity of the students in a classroom at highest.

Differentiated Instruction:

The differentiated instruction method is best for the groups who are flexible in nature. It doesn’t matter either if the students of same mindsets are in the same group or not, the flexible nature will cover that part. Through the differentiated instructional method, a teacher would be able to move tasks and students around according to their abilities. Through this, a teacher can design the task which can even be distributed within the team members.

This can become easier to understand if I explain it by using an example. Suppose you have any event coming up in your school and you need to make all the arrangements for it. Now you form a group of students who you know have students with different capabilities, talents and mind sets. Now, this is an ideal scenario of applying the differentiated instruction method. Now you can assign these students according to their skills and mind sets which will work within that group and will also learn through this method.

Individualized Instruction:

This is a more précised way of teaching. The individualized instruction method is more focused on the need of the individual student. Through this method, you only have to assign the specific targets to the students according to their needs. Moreover, the students who need such type of teaching methods are also the one who needs less help from the teachers. They have this talent and mindset of understanding things by making efforts on their own, and even if they skip some lectures, you will find them equally aware about the topic and the lecture in next class. However, some students do need the help of the teachers which is a teacher can only identify by using all his experience.

Conclusive Points:

Instead of making a mess in your head regarding both of these instructional methods, let me make it easier for you so you can identify the needs of every classroom and its students. You can only use the differentiated instruction methods if you have a group of students who are flexible. However, these groups should be based on children’s needs and interests. On the other hand, the individualized instruction is more specific towards individuals and targets the needs of one student.