Improve Your Scrabble Game by Using Online Word Scrambler and Strategies 


Scrabble is one of the popular classic crossword games played globally across the world. Every round/game keeps throwing new challenges which make the game more interesting. The 7 tiles used in each round can be used to make a number of words you didn’t even realize existed and a number of words you are aware of but had no idea can be formed from the letters in hand.

Maximize your vocabulary using online tools:

You have 7 random letters at your disposal and you are struggling to find a word while your opponent seems to be earning high points in each round. You think you have a bad rack? You may be wrong. What if there is a possibility of a hitting a ‘BINGO’ score with those letters? How do you develop an eye for spotting words that will earn you high scores?

There are online tools available that’ll suggest the list of words that can be made from a random combination of letters. You can use them during the middle of an online game as a means of practicing and improving your game. Visit This is a popular online tool used by scrabble enthusiasts around the world.

It has a simple interface, is easy to use and present results in a matter of seconds. The more often you use this tool, the more you’ll learn new words and gradually you’ll learn to spot words from racks you once thought was an unlucky one. This tool serves as a learning guide to boost scores.

Scrabble strategies:

Scrabble isn’t only about testing your vocabulary. Forming words is one thing but strategically choosing the best placement of the word is what’s going to boost your score. There are a number of Scrabble strategies that’ll help in improving your game.

Be patient and carefully decide the word: 

Don’t go with the first word you can think of using the letters in hand. Don’t just play to score more in that particular round. Think of ways of how you can bag a great score in the upcoming rounds before placing a word.

  • While placing a word, see it the opponent cannot include a suffix/ prefix to it
  • Make sure there are no hot-spots (colored) two spaces after your word. Your opponent would use it to his/her advantage and score triple the word value.

Save essential tiles for future use:

Save vowels. Avoid overusing them and see that you have at least one left after forming a word so that you aren’t left with only consonants. They aren’t too many words you can make without vowels. Learn that words that don’t have vowels in them too. Save N and R as they form a part of many big words.

Strive to score more:

Scrabble is about earning the highest points among your opponents. Keep looking for possibilities to make use of hot-spots. 

After every game, think of how you could have played the game better and learn from your mistakes. Apply these strategies in your next game and see your score increasing. Keep practicing more with online tools.