How to Write an Academic Essay

A textual genre of difficult delimitation is this kind of essay, right? Recently, I have written two articles about it, including showing how much the essay genre is, many times, confused with opinion articles, personal diaries, and so on. We know that there is more than one type of essay: free essay, artistic essay, academic essay, among others. I will stick to the academic essay and think of this post to leave some information that will guide the writing of it.

In writing an academic essay, every author needs to have a specific subject to approach; his interpretation on the subject matter; referential sources, public opinion – that is, what other people also say about it – and conclusion. These points are needed to make the initial planning.

You need to have discernment so that the subject you choose is not going to be broadly generic or completely “stoned.” Remember that a good essay will bring personal impressions making it not fall into the sameness. In other words, the essay can’t be that writing from which whoever begins to read will know the end.

Planning, after choosing the theme, is paramount. The moment now is to seek references – in paper, internet, blog … – so that one can, from readings on the subject, understand what the main questions raised so far. After that, the person will be able to speak with a greater authority on the subject, and may even have an opinion about it.

After the readings, it is necessary to make recordings, previous notes on how to proceed in the test. At this point, you already have an outline of what is going to be written, and the essay then begins to form, even if it is a draft.

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To make this writing able to meet the need of the academic essay, one must take as a basis the required structure, which anchors the technical character of the essay. Obviously, the essay will leave the author as the person who has the personal reflections, but this does not exempt him from citing the sources – which have already been researched – that bring to light ideas on the subject. It is worth remembering that the essay, first of all, must contain a typical structure, which includes introduction, grounding and conclusion. In the introduction gives a basic brushstroke on the subject; in the reasoning the arguments and counter-arguments are exposed; and at the conclusion the main point addressed in the essay is put forward in a way that gives an opinion on the subject.

Quotations and bibliographies used should be quoted at the end of the essay. They are important to justify the sources of research that have aided you in essay writing. In addition, in some cases, there may be a need to include attachments for a better understanding.

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