How to Start the Essay for a Scholarship

Many scholarship applications include a trial component. As with other types of written work, you must “hook” readers from the beginning with a strong introduction to the essay. To achieve this, be creative and, at the same time, concentrate on the subject in question. From, use the essay for the scholarship to demonstrate how your experience and your background connect with the values and mission of the organization. When including personal experiences and achievements, be sure to answer the question in the application guidelines.

  1. Capture Readers’ Attention
  • Decompose the essay question for the scholarship.
  • Then, break it down into key topics and subtopics.
  • To make your work stand out from others, be sure to give a personal and unique perspective to the topic rather than providing a distant explanation or discussion.
  • Start by thinking about how you want to open the essay with a strong connection.
  1. Use a graphic organizer to brainstorm for the essay

Write the key topics you have identified in the essay question. Then, use a graphic organizer to help you organize your ideas. Write any ideas that come to mind in relation to the key issues using the organizer.

To learn more about the different types of graphic organizers and find the one that works best for you, go to

  1. Start the essay with your own words

From the first line, you must make your readers know that it is your essay. In other words, you need to make it clear from the beginning that the essay relates your experiences, your perspectives and your unique ambitions to the essential values of the scholarship.

  1. Tell your story to attract readers.
  • Consider dedicating the first sentence of the introduction to a story, experience or anecdote that keeps committee members reading the essay.
  • Take into account that you can also use anecdotes or personal experiences in other parts of the essay.
  1. Make the rest of the introduction just as interesting

You must tell the reader what you will teach in the body of the essay and, at the same time, capture their interest.

  1. Know your audience

The essay for the scholarship must include format, subject and other specific instructions to send the essay.

  • Read the instructions of the scholarship application so that you have a good idea of what the organization is looking for.
  • Then, print the instructions and highlight the most important sections, such as the format guidelines, the essay question and the evaluation criteria.
  1. Correct the essay for the scholarship

Print the essay for the scholarship. With a pen or colored pencil, read each sentence and look for any typographical or grammatical errors.

  • Use the spell checker of the word processor. However, do not rely solely on the spell checker, as you can avoid some errors.
  1. Present the essay to the committee

Send it by mail or by email to the address included in the guidelines of the scholarship application. Cross your fingers and wait for the answer.

  • If you send it before, you will have more time to answer any of the questions or possible concerns before the deadline.
  • Avoid presenting the essay a little before the deadline, as you may end up losing it.