How to start a career without damaging your studies

So many students have been in this situation before. You feel like you’re getting to a position of comfort with your studies, and feel like you might be able to start some sort of career alongside your learning. But you are worried about damaging all the hard work you have done in your studies so far. You might no of someone that has undertaken a profession whilst studying where their grades began to go down because they were focused too much on the job they had got. But you really feel like you could maintain some sort of profession alongside your studies, and you want a steady influx of money as well. So many students get into this predicament. Around the last few years of your studies, you can often feel like you have reached a point where you know what the teacher wants and expects from you, and you have maintained a certain level of foresight enabling you to feel safe and secure in your grade for the foreseeable future. Well, we are here to tell you that there is no need to worry. Whatever profession you wish to undertake, there is a way in which to do it that won’t be detrimental to all that hard work that you have done whilst studying. We are going to give you a few tips on how to correctly balance work and study. So you can make the most out of your course, whilst also accruing an impressive amount of money through working at some form of job. Are you ready to find out the secrets of maintaining this equilibrium? Here we go!

Make sure

You may feel confident enough to push into the big wide world of professionalism at the moment. But it’s hard to gauge just how much extra worry, stress and work a job will bring. Seeing that you don’t know exactly what profession you will undertake, it is wise to really make sure that you have got your studies nailed before you begin looking for a job. Go to your tutor or mentor and ask them whether they suggest it is wise for you to get a job. They might remind you that you have a big project coming up, or they might say that they do not recommend it. In which case you will have to show them that you are well on top of your studies. It’s all well and good wanting to look at freelance writing jobs for beginners, but if your mentor isn’t sure if you have time then maybe you need to think about a bit more of an easier professional pathway.

Start a freelance career

Starting a freelance career is often the answer to those students that are looking to find a profession that won’t be damaging to their studies. Freelance is when you do a number of little jobs for various clients on a very short contract. They approach you or you approach them through a freelancing website, and you sort out the terms and conditions of the job. A lot of students find this sort of profession really enticing because you can work on your own time, at a rate that suits you, without effecting your studies too much. You might realise you have weekends completely free, and dedicate that time to writing copy for a company overseas that needs some help wording their advertisements or website content. All you need to do is log on to a freelancing website, provide it with adequate proof of your skills, be it in copywriting, designing or whatever! Once you have done that you can apply for jobs and people can approach you, just make sure you set a freelance rates that is fair and justified as if you don’t, you might not be able to find any willing clients.

Don’t for one second think that starting a job or a career will inevitably be damaging to your studies! It really depends on what sort of career it is you want to get into! These tips provide you with a fool proof means of knowing and choosing a career path that you can work at in your own time. All it requires of you is that you keep focused on your studies as well as allowing time for a certain amount of work to be done. But it’s not impossible, you can be an A Star student that makes a healthy amount of money on the side!