How to Get Noticed by Pharma Recruiters on LinkedIn: 3 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how you can land an amazing job in the pharma industry? By utilizing tools like LinkedIn, you can get in front of recruiters who can connect you with great opportunities.

Keep reading for 3 easy steps that can help you stand out on this platform. Make sure you’re using your LinkedIn to get the job of your dreams starting today.

  1. Build an Online Presence 

Building an impressive online presence can allow you to stand out, allowing recruiters to reach out to you directly. Make sure that you keep all of your online information up to date, such as the information on your resume. Make sure that you include details and accolades that will help you stand out such as your skills, certifications, and accomplishments.

Include your contact, providing multiple different ways that recruiters can reach you to make it as convenient as possible for them.

  1. Create Professional Profiles 

You should also make sure your social media accounts are professional, as a recruiter is likely to look at your profiles to see if you’re the right fit for the company. The recruiter will want to find someone who will represent the company professionally.

Starting professional social media accounts can be a great way to follow companies you’re interested in to learn more about them. This is also a great way to network, as you can share industry information as well as your thoughts on issues or innovations in the pharma industry.

You may also consider creating a website that showcases your resume and portfolio. You can link this site on your social media, allowing recruiters to learn more about you. Consider adding a blog that you can use to write posts and articles that reflect your knowledge of the industry.

  1. Reach Out to Recruiters 

An easy way to get in touch with a recruiter is to email them by finding their contact on Linkedin or by messaging them on the platform itself. It’s smart to keep in mind that the recruiter is likely receiving tons of messages from potential hires, so it’s important to make sure yours stands out. If you are very specific in your message line regarding the position you’re interested in, you have a higher chance of sticking out in the recruiter’s inbox.

Make your message as concise as possible to make it easy for the recruiter to scan. Attach your updated resume to the message to make it easy for the recruiter to learn more about you. This allows them to know how to contact you, which can help them call you to learn more about you or to set up an interview.

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Get Recruited With These 3 Easy Steps 

If you’re trying to get recruited by a company in the pharma industry, use these 3 easy steps to build an online presence that will stand out and help you land an interview.

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