Your housing plays a key role when it comes to the university experience. You will spend a significant amount of time at your place, so you must make a wise decision about where you are going to stay. You don’t want to be stuck in a place where the halls are noisy during your exam morning or there aren’t enough safety measures. To avoid living in an unfavourable York University Residence, following are some things that you should keep in mind when looking at a potential apartment.

  1. Walls:

A lot of people don’t consider the wall factor when picking out a residence. Walls play a crucial role as walls determine the comfort level of the room. If you are the kind of student who enjoys their peace time, then choosing a residence with thick walls would be ideal for you. When the walls are thick, there is minimal sound penetration taking place which makes it easier for you to study or sleep. When checking out a place, knock on the walls to ascertain their thickness.

  1. The Size of the Room:

 Don’t just go for a room because it is large enough to accommodate a lot of people. What usually happens is that rooms seem large when empty but they start to feel a bit squeezed once they are occupied and it happens because usable space wasn’t allocated. When looking at rooms ensure that they have enough usable space for you to enjoy a spacious area through your university life.

  1. Location:

 Where your room is located will play a crucial role in your time to come to the university. If you aren’t someone who enjoys walking long distances, then living far away from the meal hall and even the classrooms are not such a great idea. You can save yourself the pain of a long trek to your destination by looking for a place which is closer to those areas which will play a key role in your university life there.

  1. The Quality of the Room:

 If you want to have the best of the living conditions on campus, then go for those living spaces which have either been recently renovated or built. The more they beat up the residence, the higher the chances of poor living conditions. However, rusty residences are more fun to live in and are a great experience. When picking out a high, choose wisely and choose the house which fits your lifestyle.

  1. Available Amenities:

Before you go house hunting make a list of the amenities that you consider to be the most important and would want in your house. If you are going to look at a newer residence, then don’t assume that they will have all the amenities. It is usually the old residences which have all the amenities, which the newly built houses lack. Search extensively and select wisely as it will have an impact on your daily lives.