How to Become a Certified Public Accountant

Did you know that certified public accountant roles can bring in over $70,000 per year?

Despite changes in the world’s economy, more and more people are looking to open up businesses and need accounting support. This is opening up more opportunities than ever for qualified accountants. 

Have you thought about becoming an accountant? What soft and technical skills do you need? What career path can take you to a qualification?

Why not read on to find out?

Learn the Legal Requirements

The legal requirements for certified public accountant roles vary from state to state, so your first step is to learn what the law says in yours. you can do this by referring to your state’s licensing board to learn their requirements. 

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Get a Degree

There is a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree, or accounting degree, for all who want to take up a career as an accountant. This includes a required number of core credit hours in accounting and taxation.

Some states allow you to use hours accrued in other courses such as business degrees. However, you’ll need to confirm this locally. 

Get Some Experience

After you have your degree, you need to find an industry body that’ll allow you to work with them to earn experience.

Again, the amount of work experience you’ll need to accrue before you can work independently will differ by state. However, in many, the requirement is set at two years of work experience. 

Take the CPA Exam

After you’ve gained experience for the required amount of time, you’ll have to go back to the books and study accounting in preparation for your next exam. This is the CPA exam.

The CPA (or Certified Public Accountant) exam will cost between $50-$200. The state will certify that you’re eligible to take the exam.

However, this is only after you’ve paid the fee. If you’re found not to be eligible, you’ll not get a refund, so it’s important to ensure that you meet the requirements.

Uniform CPA Exam and Ethics Exam

After you pass the CPA exam, there are two more examinations that you’ll need to take: Uniform CPA Examination and Ethics Examination. 

After you pass these two exams, you’re given a certificate of progress. However, be aware that this doesn’t mean that you’ve now become an accountant and can practice as such. 

This certificate means that you can take the final step in the process. This involves applying and paying a small fee to obtain your license.

Why Becoming a Certified Public Accountant Is a Great Idea

If you’re looking to change careers and become a certified public accountant, then you’ve chosen a reliable career. As the economy reopens and people look to invest and open businesses, they’ll need accounting support.

You’ll be able to cash in on this demand with your newly earned skills and certification.

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