Four Pre-school Classes That Are Worth Signing Up For

Are you looking for some preschool classes to keep your little one busy? When my oldest turned three, he suddenly became a whirling tornado of energy that had to be channelized productively. Otherwise, I ended up dealing with tantrums, toy throwing, hitting and other destructive behavior that stemmed from boredom. I had to keep planning new activity ideas to keep him engaged and figured that preschool classes would save me heaps of effort.

When I began exploring preschool classes, I found a plethora of options that were frankly, quite confusing. How do I shortlist the best classes while factoring in budget, time and the needs of my family? Which ones were really needed and which could I skip or do at home?

During my research, I put together this list of four class categories that I felt were most important for a young child’s development. Of course which preschool classes you choose will depend on your personal circumstances but these five are worth considering when planning your child’s schedule.

Preschool classes for music and movement

Musical preschool classes offer carefully designed age appropriate activities that include songs, dance and instruments. Children not only develop beat, rhythm and singing skills but also learn creativity and social interaction. Whole body communication, numeracy and memory are all boosted from the repetitive movement sequences that these preschool classes teach. I would definitely consider investing in this unless the child is getting sufficient music exposure at home.

Preschool classes for second language

Recent studies show that bilingual children develop stronger abstract thinking skills as they translate concepts from one language to another. They also develop stronger reading and writing skills because they quickly understand that language is a communication tool that changes depending on context.

Foreign language preschool classes are a great way to introduce your child to native speakers of another language. These classes use creative play ideas to introduce the new language very naturally. The benefits of this for a one-language family are immense.

Preschool classes for nature study

Nature appreciation preschool classes are a great way to boost your child’s environmental awareness. These classes use nature walks, nature songs, and outdoor experiments and art to introduce basic science concepts. Good nature classes are fairly affordable and are usually offered by local gardens, zoos or museums.  Get your preschooler to move, avoid excessive screen time and build observation and investigation skills through nature study.

Preschool classes for sports

Even if your children plays outdoors quite frequently, they need to practice a wide range of movement like throwing, kicking and catching a ball, hopping, using a bat, swimming, skating etc. Preschool classes in this category provide early exposure to a variety of sports and sports equipment that facilitate gross motor development. I would definitely invest in a sports class, as I can’t plan such a high quality physical education myself.

I had signed up for one class from each of the above categories. I felt they benefited my son immensely. Which preschool classes would you sign up for?