Four Methods to Promote Student Success Using Online Instruction

In the last two decades, online instruction is becoming a suitable type of content delivery in universites and colleges round the country. Sometimes, however, online learning may become a challenging experience for the instructors delivering material, along with the students receiving information. Keeping this in your mind, it lies incumbent upon online instructors to uncover diverse methods to promote student success.

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Not very lengthy ago, I received a phone call from the student who belonged to some cohort of teachers I’d instructed. She distributed to me that out of all the professors who’d trained their cohort, I had been the one that (1) offered probably the most captivating information, (2) most engaged their thinking, (3) labored hardest to diversify teaching strategies, and (4) exhibited most enthusiasm for the topic! Finally, she mentioned,” You’ve made us wish to strive, which explains why all of us accomplished it well!” Indeed, I had been flattered and humbled, but more to the point, her words affirmed the concept my excitement, dedication to excellence, and delivery style had labored synergistically to affect their wish to be effective. Certainly, the conversation with this particular student motivated me to consider additional ways in which I aim to promote student success. Here are four ideas that left my thinking:

  1. Understanding of Current Technology- Weight loss teachers are required and mandated to apply technology to their daily instruction, I make an effort to stay up with tech-based blogs, sites, programs, and applications. Beyond that, it’s imperative which i sustain knowledge of numerous on-line platforms for planning, teaching, conferencing, and assessment. Basically plan to educate twenty-first century students, I have to align myself with twenty-first century strategies!


  1. Open Communication- I still reinforce an “open door” policy. Students I educate recognize that i’m always accessible. Generally, students may achieve me via phone, email, text, chat, Skype, Google Hangout, or any other available formats. I’ve found that students have a tendency to feel more supported once they be aware of instructor is going to be responsive. When students feel more supported, they have a tendency to do with increased confidence, thus yielding greater levels of success.
  1. Timely Feedback- It is crucial that students receive feedback on questions, assignments, projects, and assessments on time. Many of the critical within an online atmosphere therefore, I make serious attempts to reply to questions within 24 hrs. For additional in-depth assignments, I am inclined to respond between 24-72 hrs with respect to the entire assignment. I’m also careful to understand receipt of documents and assignments to be able to reduce student anxiety.
  1. Empathy and Transparency – I’ve discovered there are occasions after i should not be just empathetic, but transparent, to allow students to think that particular jobs are achievable. It’s one factor to convey statements like “I believe I know the way you’ve got to be feeling” however, saying, “I’d exactly the same experience after i was at graduate school, and here is how I worked by using itInch has a tendency to pull students into an affective link with the teacher.

As with face-to-face environments, the main role from the online instructor would be to maximize student success, and thankfully, through the years, the above mentioned-pointed out strategies have propelled my students toward very good results.