Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hunting for Jobs Online

It is usually said that golf is mainly about evading the sand traps and I believe that online job searching is mainly about avoiding “virtual traps”. One wrong move can take you miles away from your dream job.

Here are 4 common mistakes that people do and should be avoided.

  1. Don’t Post Your Resume Everywhere

You can easily find tens of thousands of career and job sites online and allot of you’ll end up spending a vast amount of your time just posting resumes in them. This is an utter waste of time and many experts believe the same.

Hence, be selective. Select only those sites that match your needs and specific background. If you live in Kolkata, search for Kolkata job vacancy.It is a good idea to post your resume in heavy-hitters like Monster. However, your main focus must be on those few specialized sites that can cater to your specific field or occupation, be it engineering or accounting or marine biology or public relation. You can easily find reliable sites that will cater to your needs.

  1. Posting a Generic Resume a Big “NO”

It is crucial for you to tailor your resume as per the requirement of each job or the category that you apply for. Yes, I do realize that it is a true pain, but it is the only way to stand out and get noticed, else you will probably get beat-out by the other candidates who would make an effort to do this.

It should be remembered that the very first step at all most all the companies is for the HR recruitment ream is to screen the candidates for the openings. Generally, the HR’s scan the resume for specific skills and keywords. So, make sure to use the right keywords.

  1. Avoid Surfing Job Sites Aimlessly

One can easily get lost in those mega job sites. Don’t. If you are looking for a job online, do so selectively. Search the job site by making use of specific keywords or skills that is related to the industry you are looking for. Avoid wasting time in reading descriptions of jobs that do not pertain to you (no matter how compelling that is, every minute is precious!). Don’t apply for those jobs that you are not qualified for. If your thought are something like this, “Oh, they might overlook the ‘fact’ I have an M.A. rather than an M.B.A.”…Well, sorry to burst your bubble. “Nope! They won’t.”

  1. Don’t Drink

No, I am not giving you any moral lessons, what I mean to say is- don’t post those pics of yourself drinking alcohol with a pizza on your head! Keep your Facebook page clean.If your friends have tagged you, you need to un-tag yourself NOW! You may be surprised to know that many HR’s actually routinely run a social networking search before calling the candidate for an interview.

These are some of the common mistakes that you should be avoiding. Good luck!