How to Find the Best Preschools in Greater Los Angeles And Seattle has been hard at work auditing local preschools, daycares, and before and after school programs in Greater Los Angeles and Seattle. Until now, word-of-mouth was your best option for finding care that meets your needs. Yelp and Google provide reviews and most directory sites only give you basic information, like name and address. Paper Pinecone allows you to filter by all of your requirements including ages accepted, hours of operation, and educational philosophy to find childcare providers who may be right for you. It’s truly the best resource for your preschool, daycare, or before/after school care search.


What Sets Paper Pinecone Apart


Paper Pinecone makes your search easier in many ways. They have:



  • Verified openings posted by the childcare providers – no need to call around to find out who has space for your little one
  • Comprehensive information in a centralized location – get details on thousands of preschools and daycare programs in one place
  • In-depth profiles – from potty training requirements to tuition rates, they have it all
  • Online tour booking, which saves you time – it’s easy to find a tours that work with your schedule



What Should You Consider Before Choosing Your Child’s Provider?


Knowing what to look for in a preschool or daycare can help make the selection process easier. Here are a few highlights, and you can read about what to ask in more detail here


Preschool & Daycare Questions

  • Location – too far a commute from home or work can make mornings and evenings stressful.
  • Tuition – does the program fit within your budget, accept childcare subsidies, or offer financial aid?
  • Does the school’s educational philosophy work for you and your child?
  • When you visit, do you feel welcome there? Do the children there seem happy?
  • Is the location clean and sanitary for children? All preschools get messy and have germs, but there should be a basic level of cleanliness that you’re comfortable with.
  • How does the school approach discipline and conflicts between children? Do they take a punitive approach?
  • What kinds of toys are in the room? Do they spark creativity?
  • How is technology used? Are children given screen time?
  • What is the school’s approach to discipline?
  • How does the staff interact with children? Are they down on the floor playing? Are they attentive and affectionate? Loving, close interactions are essential at a young age.
  • What is the staff turnover rate? It’s important that your child see the same staff on a regular basis for them to form secure attachments.
  • What is their drop-in policy? Can you stop by any time? Some places have rules in place to stop parents from hindering the transition to preschool and daycare. Make sure you’re comfortable with their approach.
  • Can the facility provide references from currently enrolled families?
  • Lastly, trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, pursue other options.

Paper Pinecone is the best website we’ve found for aiding in your childcare search. You can contact them if you have any questions about finding the right provider.