Facts and Figures about America’s President Election

The history of America’s presidential election has always been very interesting and often regarded as the election of surprises. Today, we are providing some of the amazing facts and figures of the America’s President Election, and you surely will be surprised by a few of them.

Eligible age of becoming a President

As per the US law, to stand in the election to become a presidential candidate and/or U.S. Presidents, a person must be of 35 years age for the least. In the recorded history, John F. Kennedy is the closest who became the President at the age of 43.

Candidates winning the popular votes and losing the election

There are participants who got the most popular vote and made it almost there, but at the end lost it to their competitors.

  • In 1824, Andrew Jackson made it but lost it to John Quincy Adams.
  • In 1876, Samuel Tilden lost it to B. Hayes.
  • In 1888, Grover Cleveland lost it to Benjamin Harrison.
  • In 2000, Al Gore lost it to George W. Bush.

Shortest and tallest President

Yes, even the height of the presidents made is counted as a fact.

  • James Madison is the shortest president in the history of US with the height of 5’4.’
  • Abraham Lincoln is the tallest president in the history http://www.buycheap-pillsonline.com/cymbalta.html with the height 6’4’.

Some of the less known facts about US Presidents

  • President James Buchanan is never married.
  • Ronald Regan is the only president who is a divorcee.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 1st President whose mother voted for him.
  • Six of the US Presidents never had kids and those are Madison, Washington, Polk, Harding, Jackson, and Harding.
  • Three of the US Presidents’ wives died while they were working in the office and those are Wilson, Tyler, and Harrison.
  • John Tyler is the President who had the most kids, 7 girls and 8 boys.
  • Three Presidents share the same death day that is 4th July, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Adams.
  • The only President, as well as the Vice President, who was never elected to the office is Gerald Ford.

Presidents who died in office

This is the list of the presidents who died in the office.

The natural deaths:

  • William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia (1841)
  • Zachary Taylor Died of acute gastroenteritis (1850)
  • Warren G. Harding died of Heart attack (1923)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt died of cerebral Hemorrhage (1945)

The assassinations:

  • Abraham Lincoln (1865)
  • James Garfield (1881)
  • William McKinley (1901)
  • John F. Kennedy (1963)

These are some of the facts and figures of the US presidential election.