Facebook Vs. Instagram: Which is Best for Paid Advertising?

By now, everyone know that media advertising is here to stay.  Every business, whether brick and mortar or totally online, more than likelihood has a Facebook page.  Some have multiple pages. The question many are asking today is, which is better for advertising? Let’s discuss and see what the verdict is.

Instagram Advertising Benefits.

What some people don’t know is that Facebook actually owns Instagram.  While they still operate in two different circles, they do connect at points.  In fact, you can access Instagram via Facebook’s manager.

Things to keep in mind:

Instagram has over 300 million users who visit Instagram every day, and they are adding more, and at a faster rate than ever before.

While the competitors of your business may use Facebook, chances are they don’t use Instagram.

Facebook Advertising Benefits

Multiple targets and hacks you can use to make customers out of users.  This building interest, video, customer lists and much more.

Should I Advertise on Facebook or Instagram?

While this is a relatively easy question, the answer is far more complicated.  In some instances, it would be a wise idea to use both platforms, since you can manage them both from one place. Yet some people are just not that savvy in both social arenas.

What Types of Ads Can I Run on Facebook and Instagram?

Both Facebook and Instagram offer the same options for ad formats, including: Image, Video, Carousel, and/or Slideshow. The option is also there to increase followers by simply paying for them. This can be done on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Custom Audiences

Something to keep in mind is that less than 20% of Instagram users are in the US.  So, if you are concentrating on shipping goods or performing services within the US, the audience is limited.  However, 20% of billions is still a big number.

Also, a large number of teenagers are on Instagram.  SnapChat follows second in their list of social platform use. So, if your looking to market to teenagers, you need to consider these two social platforms to your media advertising.

Which Ads are more Visible?

This is where Facebook takes the lead.  If you use Facebook, you already know that ads are placed in a column and on their newsfeed.  With Instagram, the advertising will only appear on devices using the IG app on iOS and Android, not on the desktop.

Unlike on YouTube, where the ads are show to the user before or after the video takes place. Facebook is actually showing ads during the video process — which is more annoying, but also more effective.

According to an article published earlier this year by Search Engine Watch, Instagram has 6.5 million multi-platform users, 20 million desktop users, and 40 million mobile users. That means if your target audience spends more time on a computer than on a smartphone or tablet, you’re more likely to reach them through Facebook ads.

Social Media is Still the Best Marketing Platform

Both Facebook and Instagram are very popular social networking platforms.  They both offer advertising, but in different ways. There are other things which one must consider as well, such as the age of the target audience, the location they wish to reach, and other demographics.  Compare all the options. You may want just one platform, or you could use both.